One of my favorite selfies before I turned 32!
Don't worry, this is not one of those networking blogs or talk. It's just that it has been a while since I shared something personal on the blog. So before I resume with the events or the products and what nots, I just wanted to pour my feelings in this post. 

Thirty two. Last month, I was officially out of the calendar. Not that it pains me to be older, but I want to be older not just by age, but also mentally. It doesn't mean that I would stop loving pink or dislike Hello Kitty, but I wanted to prove myself that I'm ready to face more challenging roles (artista, beh?), be more responsible than they expect me to, and trust that I'm wiser and better. I'm learning, chinggus (friends). And I hope you'd be with me in this. 

This also comes with the hope that I get to travel more this year. So far, there's Malaysia, South Korea and South Korea again. I wish I could get to know more places. Krystle and I are rooting for Taiwan and I hope that could happen late this year. Let's see. 

As for my blogging and vlogging career, I recently tried vlogging at It contains food, entertainment, events, and travel contents and I hope you check it out and subscribe because I actually work hard on these videos. I never realized how tedious it is to start a channel until I am looking for time to edit, upload and make great content. :)

This year, I'm also very happy to meet new friends, and sadly, lose some, as well. I'm just glad that I get to keep the real ones. 

Now I'm not sure if many would read this post, but I am thankful that my heart is happy. I am thankful that even if you cannot see that someone special in my life, the people who matter, knows who's inside my heart. And that's important to me. 

So as September ended, let's rock this life. Yes? After all, my hashtag is #RiaRocking32 and loving it everyday <3 div="">