Seriously guys, whoever thought of these June jokes, hats off to you. A friend and I recently talked about these memes and have been waiting what song would come out tomorrow. And it's all good vibes this June. It has been turned into loveable songs that can actually be played with strings. I can't believe that time flies super fast too. It has also been a year since, you know. The Breakup. Lol.

So to give tribute to the one year of freedom, I decided to chop my hair off again. Yup, I decided that since it's still hot outside despite of the rain, the locks must go. 

And you know, I'm happy with the outcome. BTW, did you know that my new 'do' only costed my 40php? Yup! Thanks to my ever reliable neighborhood salon. 

So yeah, back to June. I feel as if it'll only pass lightly. I'm feeling positive about things. I'm also getting ready with a lot of challenges in the coming months. Please pray thay I could keep up, will 'ya? 

Happy Rainy season everyone! May we all June 1 Na wake up alone. Love love!