The GSM Blue Bar

My close friends can attest that I'm not fond of drinking during college. So when I entered the real world and drinking alcoholic drinks or wine is (sometimes) required in an event, I was culture shocked. Not that I missed a lot, but drinking will be a part of your life once in a while. And GSM BLUE made it possible for students and young professionals "To educate, not intoxicate".

Derick De Borja talks about GSM Blue and Flair Idol 2011

Last Friday, bloggers and guests went back to school with GSM Blueniversity at Capones Bistro, A. Venue, Makati City. And just the students that are in the food and beverage industry, we got the chance to learn about mixing and blending drinks, the GSM Blue way.

A short background, GSM Blueniversity, a hands-on and fun-filled workshop, is held every year to teach how to mix drinks and flair tend. It was also created for HRM students, future bartenders, and the bartenders at heart to become confident, knowledgeable and capable in their craft.

Erwyn strutting his talent in mixing drinks

Derick De Borja and Erwyn Unigo spoke about GSM Blue's products and the different concoctions that were famously made under the brand. They also taught us how to mix our own drinks and exhibited flair tending in a bar setting. I was amazed when Sir Erwyn juggled the bottles and everyone kept their eyes on him the whole time.

Yes, we get to mix our own concoctions!

As for bloggers, a contest was held to mix their drinks and had a triple tie! Yay! I named my drink, Purple Mania because it has the color purple, made of grape juice, grenadine and GSM Blue. Sir Derick said it is perfect as ladies drink. And I couldn't agree more!

The Toma Cum Laude Candidates

To cap off the night, Mommy Lariza won the "Toma Cum Laude" award as she was the fastest blogger to drink different mixes of GSM Blue using a straw. A fun night indeed and we even get our own certificates like a graduation day.

Know more about GSM Blueniversity and Flair Idol 2011 by visiting their Facebook FanPage. You can also add GSM Blue's Facebook Page at Let us go back to school once more and drink responsibly everyone!