Follow your light this 2013!
Happy New Year Everybody!

Okay, so I know that this is pretty much delayed especially when every year, I write about something for the year end. But you see, the last day of 2012 didn't turn up to be one of the best. I mean, if everyone you know is celebrating the holidays, and you're nursing a really bad fever, well, sucks for you. So I just stayed at home, praying that I'd get well soon, prayed for my family and friends and greeted Happy New Year here and there. Sadly, as of press time, I'm still down with cough, so nay for parties and staying up too late for now.

Instead of recapping my 2012, I found my way to doing my 2013 dreamboard via my Belle de Jour Planner. My theme for this year is to travel more. Who knows? Out of the country trips are just around the corner. Or so I hope so.

But my most hopeful wish is to be with the boyfriend in Canada when he goes there. See, I haven't been a firm believer of LDRs and I dread for the day that he has to say goodbye, but that's the plan. There's no stopping him because he has planned this all his life. I cannot, for the life of me, hinder to what he wants, so I would just support him all the way.

... And maybe, in a couple few years, we'll make something work. :)

How about you? What are your plans this year?