When I was in High School, I was enrolled in an all-girl school. Yes, there may be too much hormones around, but I loved the fact that I always get to hang out with my friends, sharing adventures, going to different school clubs (Glee Club for me), and bond with one another on a fine day. We were fun and outgoing, and it stood the test of time because even if were older now, we still go out and have fun adventures together. I guess it's important that nothing should hold you back on the things you do -- especially your hair. 

Last March 6, we were invited to attend the Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure at the Greenfield District Park. The whole afternoon was a fun day of all sorts. This day also introduced us the newest barkada in town - #Sunsilk Hairkada comprised of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, the chic and sassy Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and primetime princess Julia Montes