Dear Mama, 

This year has been the most challenging year for us. I've seen you go in and out of the hospital before, but this one made us really frightened about your health. When I was in college, I always offer my novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help so I could get good grades and graduate on time. Sometimes, I even pray to help me finding the man I could spend forever with. 

But this time, it was different. I was praying that you wouldn't get cancer. And that broke my heart more than any boy could.

When Nanay was diagnosed with cancer years ago, you were the one who held the family, no matter what. You were the one who made us strong, despite her succumbing to her sickness. And when you said that you needed to be operated, I felt that I had to be strong for you. But how can you be strong when the person whom you've never seen weak suddenly feels like one?

It was the longest weekend of my life, when you said that you needed to be operated. When you were supposed to be having the time of your life in Siargao, you backed out and scheduled the operation immediately. How I was so proud that even in the moment, you still stayed strong. Maybe if I were in your place, I would easily break down and shut the world. But still, I needed to be strong because I can't let cancer affect us again. Not when it took too much of us already. 

Thank you Mama, for bringing us more closer. I remember that growing up, I would rather share my secrets to Tita Pin or Tita Sol, because I felt that they can listen to me, more than you could. I had to understand that we can only see each during weekends because you had to work. But I appreciate how you would spend time to travel to and from Manila and Novaliches. If you haven't, I would not be sent to good schools and have a comfortable life right now. 

Lastly, thank you, Mama, for raising me up well. There are times when I question if I had been a good daughter, but the fact that we are in good terms, make me feel that I am. There are no enough words to thank you, but please always know that you have me, no matter what. 



How about you? Have you thanked the most important woman in your life lately? May you be close or not, always remember that once upon a time, an umbilical cord connected you to only one person - your Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mudra, Ina, Nanay! And this Mother's Day, lets stop with all the politics first, and make your Mom feel special, with surprises to add, by joining Century City Mall's "Thank A Mom Movement". 

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