Teleserv, Your Total Teleservices Solutions Partner, was established June 2000 as an innovative call center service that has met exceptional standard when it comes to Filipinos transacting with the government. Their ingenious solutions have already accommodated over 900,000 orders and over two million calls, helping the entire country in terms of delivering convenient services.

Their forefront services include NSO Birth Certificate Delivery, POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Delivery and DFA Passport Appointment System.

How do they work? NSO Birth Certificate Delivery can be accessed through their reliable hotline: (02) 737-1111. With the launch of, online customers can converse with their customer assistants regarding their NSO certificate inquiries and requests namely, Birth, Marriage, Death and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage). Should you have any questions regarding these certificates, the website serves as a fountain of necessary information. 2011 also opens its Online Payment Channel where people can pay their requests online using their credit cards, without any hassle and security is their number one priority. And for only two days, you can already receive your requested certificate. Isn’t that fast enough for you? Imagine not having to experience long lines at the NSO Office and you just have to wait for a couple of days.

Their POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Delivery Service helps our “modern day heroes” to be able to secure their exit clearance stress-free. The website, helps them in accessing their OEC without having to go to POEA and transact while enjoying the comforts of their vacation.

Lastly, the DFA Passport Appointment System was designed to expand the passporting experience of every Filipino. Their free appointment hotline service, (02)737-1000 and online service, provides extensive assistance to all your passport needs especially the list of requirements, fees, map and scheduler function.

Out of their services, I have already availed their DFA Passport Appointment System last year and my transaction is definitely a breeze! I prevented waiting outside the DFA Office just to schedule my appointment, and the delivery service was so dependable.

Services made simple. To know more about their services and the advantages it offers, you may also visit