Good Health, Here I Come!
I was never a fat kid. In fact, my metabolism was perfect while I was growing up. But after college, things got different. The work-life balance was not in order and I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance few years after. 

As a nurse, my Mom thrives to give us the healthiest things. I would sometimes get irritated that she suggests us to prepare drinks and shakes that could get us slimmer. I know she only does that for our own good and now I understood why she does that. I guess when you’re a mother, you would do all your best to protect your family. 

Tis' the season to give the gift of health
And that is why in the season of giving, I am promising her a healthy 2013. So she can stop worrying too much, I promise to continue working out and take health supplements like Circulan Soft Gel Capsule. And since it works in four ways with the top herbal extracts in 1 formula: Hawthorn Berry (for a healthy heart), Ginkgo Biloba (for the arteries), Garlic Oil (for the blood) and Lemon Balm (for the nerves); my Mom doesn't need to mix different vegetables and fruits for us to drink. Plus, Circulan is not icky when tasted. :)

Since I promised good health to my family, I think I should start giving them Circulan too, as Christmas present. I’m pretty sure that they would appreciate it more, especially when my parents are not getting any younger too. And this goes by saying that this is my Pangakong Kalusugan, Pangakong Circulan.

How about you? What is your healthy promise this 2013? If you want to know more about Circulan, you may visit their Facebook Page at