Saying YES to a healthier lifestyle
It’s September once again. Approaching the BER-months for me promises a lot of things – first, my birthday has already passed and I turned a year older, a few celebrations and there will be more feasts this upcoming Christmas season that I can already imagine. I always thought I could be young forever, going to my 8-5 work as a banker, then off to events as a blogger when I punch out the timecard. But I guess there’s always something to remind you that you’re turning older – the body complains and it reacts to everything you do.

Hello to a new lifestyle habit
Lately, I’ve been experiencing difficulty in breathing and going up using the stairs for just two floors makes me really tired. My boyfriend walks really fast and every time we go out, it feels like it’s so hard to keep up with his pace. So I thought this really has to stop, and I have to change it real fast.

Because Circulan Promises Good Health
I’m the type of person who always has a plan, so I researched about my condition, and came up with stress and not so good blood circulation. So aside from trying to work out even for an hour a day, I found out that CIRCULAN Soft Gel Capsule can help me further. With its 4 in 1 formula, I read that it promotes good blood circulation and has Hawthorne Berry for healthy heart, Ginkgo Biloba (this is really popular nowadays) to help the arteries, Garlic Oil for the blood and Lemon Balm extract to soothe your nerves. CIRCULAN is an effective food supplement and it has approved FDA benefits. Know more about this product at

Another hectic event day at work with the officemates
Being a banker and a blogger at the same time means a lot of stress, not so normal sleeping patterns and you have less time for yourself. But then again I don’t have to worry because Circulan Promises Good Health. My lifestyle change starts now, so I hope yours will be successful as well. 


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