Mobile phone screen size matters more than we usually acknowledge. As time goes by, international smartphone producers have kept up and have developed advancements to make smartphones more cost-effective, yet functional at the same time. 

The fad nowadays is constantly adapting to the users’ needs as easy access to everything through their portable smartphone, a useful version of their personal computer, is now a part of daily life. A mobile phone is no longer considered as just a mobile phone as we’re now quickly moving to the age of “AI Technology”, where everything is just a click away. With the V11, Vivo’s latest revolutionary breakthrough, smoother and more effortless access to emails, mobile banking, and bill payments can be easily accomplished anywhere at any time. The V11’s Halo FullView™ Display, its key design feature, al lows a continuous immersive experience for the user to keep up with modern times.

Having a bigger screen on your mobile phone has several advantages. Here are seven prime examples as to why the V11’s Super AMOLED Halo FullView™ Display is what everyone should need: