I've been swamped with work lately, and I miss having a vacation. It's a good thing I have a boyfriend who loves spend his rest days with me and just hang out. 

Last week, he suggested that we go to Red Box and have a videoke party by ourselves. You should know that I'm not a fan of Avid Duet and Quartet when it comes to videoke nights like that. I'm more of hogging the microphone kind of girl. But this time, I enjoyed our quality time together. Red Box even has packages during certain hours where you can spend your date singing the night away (or even during the afternoon) and their rates are really affordable. 

Now I'm looking for other activities on which we can engage together, just so to keep things interesting. After all, it shouldn't always be sit down dinners or movies only, right? 

How about you? How do you spend your date days to enrich your relationship with your partner? Hope you can suggest other activities that are fun and exciting.