#ItPaysToShop. Southeast Asia’s top cashback app Shopback has kicked off Shopfest, its yearend online shopping festival in the Philippines beginning with the “9.9” sale on September 9. Shopback rewards users with cash from purchases made on popular shopping sites and platforms accessed through the app. Photo shows Shopback Philippines head of partnerships Karoline Santiago, the Shopback Happy Bag mascot, country manager Prashant Kala and head of merchants Timothy Tuason.
Is there any doubt that Filipinos love to shop? Given that the Philippines tops the list of countries with heaviest Internet usage, it is safe to say that online shopping or e-commerce comprises quite a substantial chunk of Filipinos’ average time of 10 hours spent on the Internet daily. 

And just as you thought it couldn’t get any crazier with the battle of popular e-commerce websites and apps, it seems Filipinos are finding even more and more reasons to click and buy.