If some people find comfort in friends, some are friends with dogs. “Bwakaw”, Jun Lana’s Cinemalaya entry was shown to us by Star Cinema to tickle our heartstrings once again. It will make you laugh, it’ll definitely make you cry, but it imprints lasting lessons about life and waiting.

Cinemalaya 2012’s Best Actor Eddie Garcia plays Rene, a 75 year old gay man where his only best friend is a dog, Bwakaw. When Bwakaw was diagnosed with cancer, he realizes that there is more to life than just being alone and sad. And to finally see that he needs the people who cares for him.

Watching the movie, you will definitely feel that everyone will go through this stage. Growing old is inevitable, but its always important to have the people you love with you. It also wouldn't hurt if that someone who cares for you is the man's best friend. After all, its the connection that matters.

The movie Bwakaw is distributed by ABS-CBN's Star Cinema for everyone to enjoy in local theaters. Learn real life lessons with this inspiring movie.

Rate: 5 Stars