Booster, the lost dog! well if your don't know who am I talking about, let's peek into Derek Lorenzo's family as they surprised Mama Berns when they found their beloved pet.

Among its four videos, Booster, the lost dog commercial best shows family-sized connection and sharing at home because even if they are using just one myDSL connection, there is definitely no delays, they got their cues on time and it loaded in the fastest way you could ever imagine. As a PLDT myDSL user, I can attest that my connection is THAT superior. During the monsoon rains, my phone's signal has been lost already, but my Internet connection is still  up and running. Just like in the video, I can easily update my family and friends about what's happening in my life with my reliable, family sized connection.

Here are the other videos of the Anna Banana series. I'm pretty sure you're stuck with Derek's Anna Banana song just as I was :)


You can see these videos and more at the PLDT myDSL Anna Banana Youtube channel at so you can get updated with what's happening at the Lorenzo household. Now I just can't wait to see if Aria and Derek will create a video together.

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