Bringing summer vibes all year: LEMON-DOU drops new Peach Lemon flavor

Get ready for a tastebud party: tangy, whole-crushed lemons and juicy, sweet peaches combined and made into one alcoholic ready-to-drink

Toast to endless summer vibes! Lemon-Dou, the Japanese-inspired chu-hai (lemon sour alcoholic drink) you know and love, is back with an innovative and exciting new flavor that'll banish boring summer drinks. Introducing Lemon-Dou Peach Lemon, a delightful new alcoholic beverage that masterfully blends the juicy sweetness of peaches with the classic sharp zest of whole crushed lemons of the Lemon-Dou Signature drink. 

In an exciting expansion of the Lemon-Dou aRTD (alcoholic ready-to-drink) range in the Philippines, Lemon-Dou Peach Lemon boasts a 7% alcohol by volume (ABV), offering a perfectly balanced flavor explosion that's both refreshing and sophisticated. This latest offering continues the Lemon-Dou legacy of crafting distinct beverages by blending traditional Japanese artistry and flavors with modern flair, a tradition that Coca-Cola Philippines has honored since bringing the brand from Japan to the country in 2021. Since its debut, Lemon-Dou has carved a special place in the hearts of Filipinos, offering a refreshing escape with its full-bodied chu-hai flavors.

Alongside Peach Lemon, people can explore a variety of other flavors to match every mood: Signature Lemon (5% ABV) - the OG citrus experience you crave; Honey Lemon (3% ABV) - a hint of sweetness or a lighter touch; and Devil Lemon (9% ABV) – the bold choice for those seeking an extra kick. 

Mark Dee, Senior Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines, reflects on the local climate, stating, “In our tropical paradise, summer is pretty much our default setting here. However, with Lemon-Dou Peach Lemon, we're aiming to do more than just introduce a new flavor—we're cultivating a summer mindset, turning our endless summers into an endless summer experience.”

He continues, “We at Coca-Cola Philippines go beyond delighting our loyal Lemon-Dou enthusiasts. We are thrilled to open the world of chu-hai to newcomers of legal drinking age, expanding their horizons with our rich, flavorful offerings.” 

Now available in 7-Eleven stores nationwide, and in other convenience stores, supermarkets, and major e-commerce sites by June 25, individuals of legal drinking age (18+ years old and above) can now try a new kind of summer with Lemon-Dou Peach Lemon aRTD. So, grab a can, raise a glass (or can!), and experience the taste of that Japan lemon-sour (with a peach twist) chu-hai drink with every sip!

Whether it's leisurely days by the beach or vibrant gatherings with friends, Lemon-Dou Peach Lemon invites you to splash a little bit of summer into your routine. Discover more by following Lemon-Dou Philippines on Facebook and Instagram or visit

Embrace the taste of everlasting summer with Lemon-Dou. Here’s to unforgettable summer moments, enjoyed responsibly. 

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