Secure your loved one’s health this Philippine Heart Month 2023

When illness strikes, you undoubtedly want to look for the best ways to secure yourself and your loved ones' health. The rising costs of hospitalization and medical treatment are one of the pressures you have to deal with in today’s times.

Pacific Cross can help you, including your loved ones, financially prepare for life’s uncertainties with the Blue Royale Medical Insurance Plan. Blue Royale offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of medical insurance benefits available in the Philippines. It has coverage for individuals and families, infants to seniors, can cover up to USD2M, provides an option to reimburse or no-cash-outlay, has maternity benefits, and many more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that in the Philippines, deaths related to Non-communicable Diseases are attributed to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) with 33%. In fact, according to the Department of Health (DOH), CVDs are the number one cause of death, with an estimated 50,000 dying every year in the Philippines.

As February is the Philippine Heart Month, DOH advised that in order to lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, Filipinos should maintain a healthy weight, limiting alcohol consumption, controlling blood pressure, and getting enough sleep.

Beside these practical steps in changing a healthier lifestyle, getting a medical insurance plan will benefit you and your loved ones in the long-run too. Pacific Cross recognizes that it is important to make the most out of life’s precious moments. As a testament to its commitment, Pacific Cross understands that you want to keep those who matter most to you safe and would do anything to keep them secured.

Express your love and care towards your family and loved ones by giving them the gift of peace of mind. A Pacific Cross Medical Plan is more than just a policy. It’s a trusted ally during difficult times, one that could save your life. Get a Blue Royale Medical Plan today! Call 8899-8001 local 7202 or visit Pacific Cross is #HereForYou.

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