Your family’s safety this holiday season is in your hands – literally!

The most wonderful time of the year is here.

As you share presents and spread good cheers this season of giving, how can you be sure that you are not sharing viruses and spreading germs as well?

The Grinch to Pinoy Christmas

Even with the merrier mood that comes with the end of lockdowns, the threat of germs and viruses remains a proverbial grinch. After all, nothing dampens one’s spirits like a case of stomach flu or a bad cold.

The holidays bring much-awaited face-to-face reunions and gatherings with families and friends, and the frenzy makes it easier for you to let your guard down. Without proper precautionary measures, you may end up spreading more than just good cheers.

Did you know washing your hands can go a long way in protecting yourself and your loved ones this holiday season? This is why Safeguard is committed to educating Filipino families about the importance of proper handwashing.

Handwashing Tips for Holiday Gatherings:

Being a trusted expert at germ protection and disease prevention, Safeguard Philippines ramps up its hand hygiene advocacy this holiday. Here are three key practical handwashing knowledge and tips that they recommend:

Hands are the root of most sicknesses

In his lecture during Global Handwashing Day 2022, P&G Principal Scientist David Khoo revealed that "Scientists and doctors would agree that the main way germs infect us is through our hands."

Just think about all the times you unconsciously put your hands on your face after touching bathroom surfaces or holding onto money. These everyday instances can be opportunities for germs and viruses to be picked up and passed on.

Washing with soap and water does make a difference

Now that we know how easy it is for our hands to spread disease-causing germs, it is crucial that we remember to wash them regularly and properly. According to the gold standard set by experts, this means washing our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

As Koo demonstrated during his lecture, 20 seconds is just enough time for the soap lather to create bubble-like structures, trap viral matter and other biomaterials, such as grease, oil, and dirt, and flush them down the drain.

An easy and fun way for families and kids to gauge if 20 seconds have passed is to use a familiar song that lasts for the same duration. Singing the Happy Birthday song twice is one such example.

It’s best to wash hands with running water compared to still water.

Aside from demonstrating the seven-step handwashing routine, Koo also debunked some common handwashing myths, including one that claims that a bucket of water is just as effective as washing our hands with running water.

He clarified, “Anytime you have a standing bucket of water (water that isn’t flowing or running), the first time you use it, it may be clean. But after that, the germs may be left behind and they will grow. So, the next time you use it, you will potentially reinfect and contaminate your hands with the germs that are growing in that standing water.”

Spread Cheers, Not Germs, with Safeguard

Reinforcing handwashing as a holiday essential to safeguard families, Vice President for P&G Beauty Care and Brand Operations Aldrich Gopal echoed the importance of how a single hand wash can help lessen the spread of germs:

“The threat of germs and diseases never left us, even as we move on to the new normal. The same germs can cause diseases that lead to school absences. However, with the power of a single SAFEwash, we can remove most of those diseases. So, when we make regular handwashing a part of our students’ lives, we also protect them from missing opportunities that would lead them to success in the future.”

A single handwash can help make sure you and your loved ones are protected – and it only takes 20 seconds! By practicing proper hand hygiene in and out of your homes, you are one step closer to a happier and healthier holiday season.

Give your family and friends the gift of a safe and healthy Christmas with Safeguard.

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