How to unlock an #UltraClearNightInPortrait, according to Magic Liwanag

These days, using your smartphone to capture your everyday memories, from day to night, is almost second nature. While young Filipinos love to express their most authentic selves, they also want to share feed-worthy photos and videos, those that perfectly capture the fun they share with friends at any time of the day. Because of this, they’re after smartphones that can light up their after-dark moments.

For aspiring shutterbugs and content creators, many wonder how, when, and where to start capturing aesthetic content like a pro anytime, anywhere. Professional celebrity, events, and concert photographer, and OPPO Reno Series Ambassador, Magic Liwanag has been shooting some of the country’s best nights out for almost a decade. As someone who knows the ins and outs of night photography, there’s no better expert to share tips and tricks to jumpstart your way in taking great images, using #ThePortraitExpert OPPO Reno8 5G.

Familiarize yourself with the basics

Foundation is key to anything you want to perfect. Take your time to study the basics, which will help you elevate your craft in time. Practice the rule of thirds by activating the gridlines of your OPPO Reno8 5G’s camera. “Learn to balance and level your shots for naturally interactive photos for your viewer,” says Magic “With the OPPO Reno8 5G’s Ultra Night Portrait feature, you can focus your foreground and background so easily through your phone screen with just one tap!”

OPPO Reno Series ambassador Nadine Lustre, captured by Magic Liwanag using the 
OPPO Reno8 5G

Finding perspective is the key

“Experiment with angles to find the best one for your subject. The OPPO Reno8 5G comes with multiple lenses, so my secret is to make use of all of them!” advised by Magic. From above, below or the side, you can always test out what works for your subject by taking portraits at unexpected angles. Test your OPPO Reno8 5G’s 2MP macro or its 50MP wide-angle and 8MP ultra-wide lenses that can also help you fully explore the capabilities of your camera phone. “You can also utilize the negative space around your subjects such as open spaces, backdrops, and large walls or natural things around us like the open sky, body of water, and empty fields.”

OPPO Reno Series ambassadors Rei Germar and Jessica Yang, captured by Magic Liwanag using the OPPO Reno8 5G

Maximize your smartphone camera features

The OPPO Reno8 5G has various upgraded AI-powered camera features that can help your image look more vibrant and snappy. With just a little research and testing you can achieve scroll-stopping photos and videos right away. “Getting the perfectly lit shot in dark environments is a bit challenging if you will just point and shoot. Make sure to play around with your OPPO Reno8 5G’s Sony IMX766 Sensor so you can really capture the best portraits!” Magic shares. The 50MP main camera of the Reno8 5G effortlessly powers nighttime photography with pops of brilliant color, thanks to the Sony IMX Sensor. Its 32MP front camera also comes with its own Sony IMX709 Sensor for stunning selfies all day and all night.

OPPO Reno Series ambassadors Nadine Lustre and Rei Germar, 
captured by Magic Liwanag using the OPPO Reno8 5G

Equip yourself with #ThePortraitExpert smartphone

To ensure that you got everything covered, gift yourself a powerful and flagship-level camera smartphone to back you up in capturing memorable moments anytime of the day. Magic recommends getting a smartphone with features capable of mobile photography that should have flagship-grade camera specs and powerful AI camera technology to give you great pictures.

“As a photographer, I like my smartphone camera to have the best of the best specs out there,” Magic adds. “My new OPPO Reno8 5G is so reliable to shoot content with, especially at night. I’ve tried using it in low light in the studio and outdoors, and just love how everything's on point! The OPPO Reno series keeps on surprising me launch after launch of its newest upgrades. It became a constant for me to bring for my job as a photographer and my everyday life.”

With the OPPO Reno8 5G, you have all you need to unlock an Ultra Clear Night.
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