Pampers Hosts One-day Playdate to Launch its Biggest Diaper Upgrade and Price Markdown yet

When it comes to their little ones, parents, without a doubt, want to give them the best they can. They are often always on the lookout for the best brands to provide the best care for their babies.

However, with the current economic climate, prices of daily necessities have surged. It has become even more challenging for most parents to buy these essentials, including diapers that can give their babies the best care possible.

With this in mind, Pampers initiated an online conversation with moms to hear their honest thoughts about the brand through the #RealTalk series. Parents expressed rave reviews about the high quality of the diapers, and called for promos and discounts, so they could continue giving the best care to their babies. Even non-Pampers users chimed in, saying they've always wanted to try the brand but have had to settle for cheaper alternatives.

Pampers shared the honest opinions of mommies regarding the brand on their social media platforms

Listening intently to their consumers and as part of their real response to moms’ real feedback, Pampers held the #PampersUpandDown Playdate event last September 25, 2022, at UP Town Center, Quezon City. They announced their biggest diaper upgrade to date and biggest markdown yet for its variant Pampers Pants with Lotion with Aloe, with a whole-day diaper trade-up plus fun and engaging activities for moms, kids, and families.

“Giving the best care for babies and their parents is at the core of all our brand innovations and initiatives. Our upgraded Pampers Pants with Rash Shield powered by lotion with aloe, and now with its biggest markdown yet is our way to ensure we answer to their biggest need today which is to get the best value for their money," Pampers Communications Leader, Charm Banzuelo shared as the event officially opened the Pampers diaper Trade-up.

Pampers Trade-up to Celebrate Biggest Diaper Upgrade

Pampers Power Parents were all smiles as they participated in the diaper Trade-Up, allowing them to exchange their unused non-Pampers diaper packs with Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe diaper variant. This Pampers technology protects babies from rashes or allergies, making them feel comfortable all day. With its wetness prevention and intensive liquid absorption, moms and dads can only switch to Pampers!

Advocating this switch was strengthened by the rose petal live demo facilitated by netizen's favorite Physician, Advocate and Digital Influencer, Doc Gia Sison. By using rose petals representing the baby's delicate skin, the demo compared the Pampers with lotion and aloe and Brand X. The event’s guests were absolutely stunned to see how Pampers kept the petals intact after rubbing them against both diapers versus Brand X.

“Pampers core technology helps to absorb and lock away urine quickly, together with pampers lotion with aloe layer, it helps the baby to stay dry, fresh, protected all-around from irritation due to wetness.”, Doc Gia further explained.

Meeting New Pampers Power Parents & The Biggest Price Markdown

One of the highlights of the Playdate was the official welcoming of the newest Pampers Power Parent, the woman of the hour, Viy Cortez.

Known for their funny and quirky vlogs & with over 10 million subscribers, Team Payaman is one of the most popular Filipino content creators today, which includes Viy. Viy serves as an inspiration to a lot of parents as she manages to be a content creator, successful entrepreneur and a new mother to Baby Kidlat all at the same time. With these experiences, she learned how to find the best and the most ‘sulit’ means for her family and is confident enough that she made the right decision to choose and trust Pampers for her newborn.

“Ang gaan ng buhay ko with Pampers. Choosy talaga ako pagdating sa mga gamit ni Baby Kidlat, lalo na sensitive pa yung skin niya. With Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion With Aloe, nakita ko na very absorbent niya and kayang-kaya niya iabsorb yung wiwi ni Kidlat kaya hindi kami madalas mag-palit ng diaper. And pinaka-importante sa lahat, never kami naka-experience ng rashes! So with my experience, sulit talaga ang Pampers!" Viy shares.

This announcement has indeed become extra special, as Power Parents like Viy can now save up to 76 pesos with Pampers for selected variants - Pampers’ biggest price markdown to date!

Happy Dance to #PampersUpAndDown

Towards the end of the program, hundreds of parents danced their hearts out to celebrate the launch of upgraded Pampers and its biggest price drop! The JuXi family led the tutorial of Pampers’ newest dance challenge and shared how they were overwhelmed with joy: “Sulit na nga ang Pampers talaga para sa amin kasi less palit ng diapers at wala kaming problema sa quality, pero ngayong ginawang mas abot-kaya pa ang presyo, malaking bagay talaga ‘yung additional savings para sa family.”

Do the happy dance today and join the #PampersUpAndDown dance challenge on TikTok. Exciting prizes await the lucky dancing power parents!

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