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Bread and Butter, Coffee and Cream --- the perfect pairs do exist. For your lifestyle goals, the newest wearables from HUAWEI helps you achieve them and more. The HUAWEI Band 7 and HUAWEI Freebuds SE go well with each other to help you become fit, trendy and make life comfortable as well. And with a price so affordable, these new gadgets are must-haves especially for the young generations.

Practical and smart: HUAWEI Band 7

The newest smart band from Huawei boasts with comprehensive health and fitness features. I love how aesthetically pleasing the design is and how lightweight is the band itself. I cannot believe that so many features can fit in this small device - even being fashionable and convenient to use.

The new HUAWEI Band 7 is now the thinnest FullView fitness tracker at less than 10mm. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 64.88% and 194 x 368 resolution, bringing vivid content on the wrist together with the watch faces. Again, just like the other Huawei smart watches, you can also customize its face, according to your personality. I used the moon design, since I am into the galaxies and heavenly bodies these days. The HUAWEI Band 7 is available in Graphite Black, Nebula Pink, Wilderness Green and Flame Red to match your style. I got the midnight green, as it goes well with any outfit.

But much more about the design, it is equipped with HarmonyOS 2.0 - meaning that its UI has improved in terms of visuals. With the larger icons and numbers, it is easier to look at your progress, or even the notifications that you might receive from time to time.

Now on to the real deal, it has the HUAWEI TruSport™ that makes workout tracking more professional and scientific. Fitting in this small device is the comprehensive health tracking features that includes SpO2, sleep, heart rate, stress and menstrual cycle. These are all helpful to me, for someone who needs to keep track of heart rate levels, and my monthly period. It also offers an upgraded workout monitoring feature, providing a total of 96 workout modes including running, cycling, swimming, rope skipping and roller skating. No matter what sports you are interested in, HUAWEI Band 7 is ready to take the challenge with you.

One of the newest features is the Healthy Living Shamrock, where Huawei Band 7 provides personalised health management plans, and daily health goals to start a new healthy day. It can synchronise the task reminders and progress. After users walk enough steps, wake up regularly, and conduct breathing exercises, they can light up the petal. The three petals of the Healthy Living Shamrock represent fitness, wellness, and sleep. Lighting up the three petals means that all the daily tasks are completed. Users can set different health goals according to their own conditions, starting with easier goals, gradually increase the difficulty of the goals, and building confidence little by little, cultivating the healthy habit in long-term. Now you don't need a personal trainer for your fitness goals. All that and more are packed in the Huawei Band 7.

For someone like me who hates charging my devices, the HUAWEI Band 7 offers 14 days long battery life in smart mode. This is helpful for us monitoring even our sleeping patterns, because you don't waste time charging your device everyday. It also supports wireless charging, making it convenient to use 24/7. 

But my most favorite feature would definitely be the enhanced functions that link to my smartphone. It can support music playback, remote shutter, and reminders (text messages, emails, social apps), weather, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, find my phone, as well as quick reply. How life looks easier with these quick fixes at the push of a button, right? 

Music All Day, Every Day: HUAWEI Freebuds SE

Completing my fitness journey and basically my everyday life is listening to my favorite music. Walking to and from the office makes me feel light, but most especially when I have my favorite tunes 

The Huawei Freebuds SE is one of the most stylish earphones I've seen recently. It has a modern design and has two colors - White and Blue. I love how clean it looks and can be easily seen when inside your bag. I personally like light colors so this is perfect for me. 

As a pair of semi in-ear design earphones, HUAWEI FreeBuds SE’s semi in-ear design has been crafted to fit the contours of the outer ear, and reduce pressure on the ear canal, providing a breathable, lightweight fit. It also comes with silicone tips in three different sizes, which are as light as feathers, and the flexible material is more skin-friendly. You can even choose the size of the silicone tips according to  your liking, so you can wear the earphones stably and comfortably, enjoying a care-free experience.

The HUAWEI Freebuds SE is also easy to pair with any phone. I have been using it with both my Huawei and my Apple phones and it is also faster to inter-change the earphone from one phone to the other, too. With the generation of Bluetooth 5.2, it has lower power consumption, higher connection stability, faster transmission speed, and effectively reduce disconnection and lagging. The battery life is also long lasting, and provides 24 hours of music playback for a fully charged case and a pair of fully charged earbuds could provide 6 hours of continuous music playback.

But what you really need in an earphone is how the audio quality fares, right? HUAWEI FreeBuds SE adopts custom acoustic components, and a 10mm large dynamic driver is placed in its compact body. The bass is surging and powerful, and the wide sound field delivers wonderful audio quality. It also adopts PEEK+PU+PET titanium dome, which comes with the high compliance of PU and the toughness of PEEK, at the same time, the titanium dome could reproduce the details in the music with powerful bass and bright treble. Using it for quite sometime, I love playing k-pop songs and the music is very crisp and vivid, it feels like my idols are singing in front of me. 

As for my everyday experience, HUAWEI FreeBuds SE’s semi in-ear design could effectively eliminate part of the noise and can deliver clear audio during calls. The dual-mic beamforming technology distinguishes the target voice from ambient noise with a high level of accuracy, to ensure that every call is crystal clear, even in crowded and noisy areas. This is great for fast paced users like me, because I am always on the go and would often take calls during my commute. It automatically clears the outside noise and makes it easy for me to talk even for hours. 

The HUAWEI Band 7 retails for only Php2599, while the HUAWEI Freebuds SE is priced at only Php2499. What makes it amazing is that even if it is packed with so much features, these devices are affordable for the younger consumers. 

You can get these devices easily at the Huawei Online Store by visiting this link: or get them at Shopee or Lazada:

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