Huawei Watch Fit 2: The Watch that Cares for your Health

It was only last year when I gave my Mom a Huawei Watch Fit since she wanted something to track her fitness journey. She was very eager to use it since it helps her count her daily steps, reminds her when she is not moving to exercise and monitors her heart rate. This 2022, I decided that I should also do the same. And since we're not getting older, I got myself the HUAWEI Watch Fit 2, and it is amazing how it changed my daily life. 

First things first, I love how the HUAWEI Watch Fit 2's design is so sleek and very trendy. I got the Active edition, where it has a 40g watch body and 26g watch strap that it is so light, portable and
comfortable to wear in any outfit. Since I am back to the office everyday, the design blends well with any outfit I wear. You can also swap straps very easily, into what color depends on your mood. All you have to do is snap it into place, and voila, instant fashion accessory!

But if you're the indecisive type, they have three designs which are: 
  • Active Edition comes in 3 colourways (Sakura Pink, Isle Blue, and Midnight Black)
  • Classic Edition comes in 2 colourways (Nebula Gray and Moon White) together with leather straps and finally the
  • Elegant Edition in 2 colourways (Silver Frost and Premium Gold) together with the Milanese Strap and a silk scarf

What I enjoyed the most is how you can use different watch faces. Remember that dog in one movie? I loved her so much that I even bought a watch face that resembles her. I love how colorful and vivid the watch face is. And if you have that one photo that you like, you can even use the Tap to Transfer feature where you can transfer images from your smartphone to your watch with a simple tap. 

Work Hard, Play Harder

I have always been a multitasker all my life. I think it has always been in me to juggle so many tasks like working in a bank and being a blogger in my spare times. And with so many things happening, the Huawei Watch Fit 2 helps me in navigating my busy life. 

Now you can connect this smartwatch to your phone and you can answer calls by a tap of a button, with its built-in speaker and microphone. That way, I don't need to look for my phone and just go directly to my left wrist. I can also check my messages and send a quick reply if I have my hands full. It also has a Huawei Assistant-Today, which notifies you of upcoming calendar events that are stored on your phone. Managing my schedule has never been easier.  

The Huawei Watch Fit 2 also supports offline music playback, so you can enjoy your favorite music even if your phone is not within reach. 

Your Best Motivation

I must admit, I have been neglecting working out lately. And since there are so many restrictions (and still during the pandemic), it has been very hard to move freely to exercise. The Huawei Watch Fit 2 is your motivation to keep moving -- LITERALLY. You have no idea how many times it made me walk and move even if I am in the office. 

You can also access 97 workout modes and a built-in independent animated fitness coach across 7 selected workout modes. Select the ideal workout course and follow the demonstrations of the animated fitness coach on the smartwatch. What's nicer is that is has exclusive fitness animations, and voice-guided warm up stretches for 7 common workouts, including running, cycling and swimming. Now you really don't have an excuse to keep moving.

The Watch that Cares

For the past ten years, I have been living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I remember the first time I learned about it, my OB-Gyne told me to lose weight and live healthily. So when I say that the Huawei Watch Fit 2 is the watch that cares, let me tell you about the Healthy Living Management  feature. It promotes an active lifestyle, tracks your steps count, it makes sure that you get enough exercise, tracks your sleeping habits and basically lets you know more about your body. 

These added features are what really helped me the most: 

All-day SPO2 Monitoring

✓ further improves the accuracy of heart rate monitoring
✓ also improves the accuracy of SpO2 monitoring.
✓ Its innovative multi-optical path dimming algorithm enhances the signal and can also ensure the accuracy of monitoring under special conditions, including low temperature and high altitude.

Menstrual cycle management
HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 features the newly upgraded menstrual cycle 2.0
collecting the user's:
✓ Heart rate
✓ Skin temperature
✓ Breathing rate and other health indicators during sleep at night
✓ It can calculate the menstrual period and pregnancy interval of female users, allowing users to manage their menstrual cycle scientifically.

Stress monitoring
✓ can monitor the stress level of users 24/7.
✓ When the stress level is too high, the smartwatch will remind you to release the stress through breathing exercise to adjust the mental state in time for a better health.

Scientific sleep monitoring
✓ It assesses sleep quality without disturbing the user's sleep.
✓ It will automatically identify the user’s optimum time to fall asleep and wake up, and then accurately identify six types of typical sleep problems
✓ Users will then be presented with personalized sleep assistance services and 200+ sleep suggestions to guide users to sleep in the most scientific and healthy way.

Overall, the HUAWEI Watch Fit 2 makes you live your life to the fullest. What's even better is that it only retails for Php6499. Get yours now by heading on to the HUAWEI Online Store, or leading e-commerce sites Lazada, or Shopee, and score a chance to bring home a HUAWEI Scale 3 as a freebie, only until supplies last. 

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