The Museum of Modern Art, Art Icons UT Collaboration Collection Launches on February 7

UNIQLO announces that it will launch the the Museum of Modern Art, Art Icons UT collection on Monday, February 7. This is the latest offering from a partnership between UNIQLO and the New York The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York that began almost a decade ago. UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) offer an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world that express wearers' individuality. Both UNIQLO and the Museum of Modern Art aim to make art and museums accessible to as many people as possible. They will accordingly offer a collection of work to people everywhere under the concept of Art For All.

Showcasing modern art through LifeWear

The collaboration celebrates the works of modern masters in the Museum of Modern Art collection. Iconic pieces include Van Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night [1889], with its rich blues and yellows, and Claude Monet's Water Lilies [1914-26], with its more subdued hues, and Liubov Popova's Untitled [1917] abstract work. These items carry feature the Museum of Modern Art logo to symbolize the partnership with UNIQLO and a shared commitment to enhancing daily living through the appreciation of great art.

UNIQLO x MoMA UT - Claude Monet 1914-26

UNIQLO x MoMA UT - Liubov Popova 1921

UNIQLO x MoMA UT - Piet Mondrian 1929

Partnership between UNIQLO and the Museum of Modern Art

UNIQLO and the Museum of Modern Art have partnered since 2013 to make art more accessible to the world. UNIQLO and the Museum of Modern Art's partnership invites everyone to enjoy the art of our time through free admission and special access programs and digital content initiatives including UNIQLO ArtSpeaks, where the Museum of Modern Art staff members share their personal stories about art on view in the galleries. sponsored free admission to the museum to foster the general public’s appreciation for modern art and design, and MoMA staff members share their impressions of gallery artworks on UNIQLO ArtSpeaks. UNIQLO will continue to work with the Museum of Modern Art to share the Art For All message and promote the appeal of modern and contemporary art and design as a way to add color to people's lives.

About the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City brings creativity and inspiration to people all over the world. Founded in 1929 by three women, the Museum of Modern Art was the first museum dedicated to new art from paintings and drawings to film, design, and performance. This bold, experimental vision continues by sharing the most thought-provoking and resonant works today.

MoMA opened in 1929 as the world’s first museum dedicated to contemporary art. A bold, experimental vision has guided the museum over the years. MoMA shares an array of thought-provoking and evocative works, from paintings to performances, in spaces inspire creativity in everyone.

UNIQLO and art

UNIQLO has partnered with some of the world's preeminent museums to deepen public interest in art through free admission programs, collaboration merchandise, events, and other initiatives. Listed below are key partnerships that UNIQLO has formed in this regard:

May 2013 – present : The Museum of Modern Art, New York City
March 2016 – present : Tate Modern, London
September 2017 – present : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
March 2018 – present : Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona
February 2021– present : Louvre Museum, Paris

UNIQLO x MoMA UT - Liubov Popova 1917

UNIQLO x MoMA UT - Salvador Dali

This collaboration will bee available UNIQLO stores nationwide and Sweats will be available in select UNIQLO stores and on

The collection will also be available at MoMA Design Stores in Hong Kong from February 1, and from MoMA Design Stores in New York and online at from March 2022.

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