Express your love with acts of service this Valentine's with Deerma and Philips on Shopee!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Even if you are in a relationship, or single right now, celebrate all kinds of love by giving and receiving love in different ways. And with Heart's Day approaching soon, Shopee collaborates with Deerma and Philips to help you get deals and discounts to show your love to your special someone. 

My love languages are words of affirmation, but dominantly, acts of service. I guess I am the type of person who loves doing little things for the people I love and helping them out when I am needed the most. Growing up, I love being a team player, than be a leader, because I know that I can offer so much when I am asked to do things like that.   

But when doing acts of service, you also need the tools to show your love. That is why I listed down a few products that you might find useful when doing chores or doing errands for your family or special someone: 

Deerma VC80 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to easily clean the house and doing it efficiently, the Deerma VC80 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is the product that you might wanna be your best friend. It is the first vacuum cleaner from Deerma with a smart interactive panel that shown the remaining power, since it is wireless and easy to use. It also has 25000PA Storm suction power, making all the dust and dirt in your home gone in seconds. 

Deerma EX919 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

This has been sitting in my cart for long and I think this needs to be checked out fast. Since we have a baby in the house, the Deerma EX919 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is perfect to clean the crib and even the sofa, to reduce mites and other insects that might harm your kids or even yourself. It even has UV light irradiation, to prevent the breeding of mites in your home.  

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but why not try to make it healthier for them? The Philips HD9270/91 Digital Air Fryer is perfect for people like us who don't have much time to cook, but still want it done in a healthy fashion. This air fryer is the No. 1 low-fat fryer while keeping your food tasty and easy to cook. 

Philips AC0820/10 Air Purifier 800

Since I was the first (and hopefully the only) one in the family who tested positive for COVID on the first week of 2022, we have been very cautious and tried to clean the house as timely as possible. And I kind of figure out that I have been infected because I am always the first one to catch allergies from dust and airborne allergens. Good thing I saw the Philips Air Purifier, which has Nano Protect HEPA Filter that Removes 99.5% Particles at 3nm. Not only can this device protect you from catching allergens, it also is effective in purification and quietly operates for your loved ones. 

So this Valentine's Day, you are not just showing love to your family, but also giving it wholeheartedly. Do simple acts of service with these Valentine’s deals from Deerma and Philips on Shopee where you could get up to 60% off and 50% off on your purchases, respectively. 

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