Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth day should be celebrated everyday. We only have this planet, so we should always think on how to preserve and take care of our natural resources. As consumers, we should also be mindful of the stuff that we use inside our homes and switch to eco-friendly products to protect our environment and most of all, our families. Just like this April 19-25, you can shop for sustainable products from Messy Bessy in Shopee's Shop Green campaign.

What's great about keeping your home tidy and sustainable at the same time? These Messy Bessy products are definitely your best friend when disinfecting inside your homes or doing your household chores 

Messy Bessy Hand Sanitizer 505ml

As someone who goes out of the house for work, the Messy Bessy Hand Sanitizer in Green Tea is the perfect product whenever I come home. I just spray this on my hands and it easily disinfects germs in dirty surfaces. 

Whenever I have my general cleaning inside my room, the Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner is my go-to-product because it works as a natural duster and it is so fragrant. The orange oil works also as a stain remover and polisher. This is best to use on your tables and chairs that might be in need of a little dusting. Also, did you know that every purchase of this bottle supports our at-risk youth who are working and studying for a brighter future.

Messy Bessy Fruit and Veggie Sanitizing Wash

I was too excited when I got this product. You see, during this pandemic, I was so praning with the food I eat that I keep on thinking how to clean them and be sure that they are safe to eat. This Fruit and Veggie Sanitizing Wash is made of fruits, for fruits and vegetables. So before you prepare your fruits or veggies, you just need to spray this to prevent bacteria and viruses. This way, you are sure to be eating clean and healthy food.

Messy Bessy Hand & Body Wash Bamboo Fresh

After the end of a long day, you deserve to pamper yourself with a nice bath. The Messy Bessy Hand and Body Wash is the purest liquid soap you can find - free of sulfate, parabens, colorant & toxins that can work its way through your skin and into your body. All you have to do is put the product on a bath sponge or directly to your skin and lather on your body. It doesn't only clean, but it also soothes your mood at the same time. 

Disinfect first, then take care of your skin next. The Messy Bessy Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh has plant-derived moisturizers will leave your hands so smooth and will rejuvenate you with the fragrance of bamboo fresh. It is not only THAT fragrant, it will also leave you feeling invigorated. 

Protect your family while protecting the Earth at the same time. These eco-friendly alternativez from Messy Bessy are effective and affordable, exclusively on Shopee. 

Shop for your necessities safely by downloading the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play and have it delivered at the comforts of your home.

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