Wednesday, May 06, 2020

It's the month of May again, and this season is a salute to all mothers and women that we know. In my family alone, I know a lot of tough women who are successful in their homes and their career. So why not be generous and show your gratitude in little ways like buying gifts for them. 

These gifts are conveniently found in stores with the convenience of GCash Scan to Pay, one of the features of the digital payment platform for you to go cashless shopping by simply using the app and scanning QR codes in their partner stores.

Here are a few gift suggestions for the strong and beautiful ladies that we know: 

1. For the homemaker

For the women who loves to cook and gives life to sumptuous dishes, give them this pink frying pan from Miniso and see how it it brightens their kitchen. 

2. For the career women

Every career woman needs to power dress. Zara's Basic Blazers are very stylish and perfect to boost more confidence in the workplace. 

3. For the savvy traveler

When these women are traveling to their dream destination, they need a reliable and spacious luggage for their adventure. This Hedgren luggage from The Travel Club is adventure ready.

4. For the sporty

If they love working the sweat, the sporty woman in your life would definitely love the Huawei  Watch GT 2 from the Huawei Store. It's functional, looks fun and feminine at the same time. 

5. For the classy

Classy women has that one favorite scent to make them feel more confident and chic.  Jo Malone colognes has that fresh feel compliment the classy women's style and grace. 

6. For the beauty conscious

The woman who knows how to treat her skin right and maintains her youthful self is the one I want to be when I grow up. Gift her with L'Occitane products to keep her natural glow and be environment friendly all in one. 

7. For the busy bee

Busy women are the ones who love to organize their stuff from the start of day, so they can do more things and increase their productivity. Organizer kits and journals from Typo has the fabulous designs to make their schedule more fun. 

8. For the child at heart

The women who are still child at heart would always love plushies and stuffed toys even if they get older. This cute duck plushie from Tickles will definitely bring them back to their younger self. 

9. For the hip women

Doing your errands does not mean you cannot look fabulous. Herschel has the Fifteen Hip Pack to still make you look cool while doing the chores. 

10. For the shoeholic

Like make-up, women can never have too many pairs of shoes. Surprise her with this cute and comfy pair from rubber shoes from Shoe Salon to make her feel special.  

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