Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The eruption of Taal Volcano last January 12, 2020 is probably one of the tragedies that are sad and bittersweet. We were celebrating a relative's birthday at our house in Novaliches that time, and can feel the gloom of the environment. What supposed to be a very normal day happened to be one of the most memorable on people who has stories about Taal, Batangas and Tagaytay. 

It cannot be helped that during on Alert Level 4, Tagaytay was in shock - with power outages, limited cellphone signals and short water supply. Based on the news, everything is happening so fast that medical attention must be given to those who are within the vicinity. It is a very good thing that Tagaytay Medical Center or TMC continue servicing their patients amidst the emergency and panic brought by the eruption. “The scenario was very scary, stressful and traumatic. Kasi maya’t maya nalindol sa hospital tapos nawawalan pa ng kuryente.”, said Luther Melodias, ER Nurse, Tagaytay Medical Center.

With the compassion to serve its patients, TMC made it sure to give the necessary health care despite the emergency. During the eruption, they experienced a surge in patients since it was also a weekend and not only Tagaytay dwellers are in the area, but tourists as well. And because TMC is located close to the Tagaytay Rotonda, it was the closest to receive patients with respiratory cases and allergic reactions at the height of the volcanic eruption. But with things happening very fast, TMC showed the preparedness and professionalism to help with everything they can give. 

The growing number of cases, TMC also moved some of their patients to other hospitals that are part of the South Cluster hospitals of Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI). Aside from TMC, there is the Westlake Medical Center (WMC) and HealthServ Los Banos Medical Center (HSLB). These establishments worked hand in hand to provide the best medical attention even in an inevitable disaster. With all that happened during the eruption, I suppose other hospitals must follow suit should a natural calamity strike again in the country. 

The Calm After the Disaster

Barely a week the volcanic eruption, TMC, together with its South Cluster Group, conducted relief operations and medical mission in affected communities. This proves that caring never stops and the "bayanihan" mentality is still alive even in this generation. 

Thankfully, the Taal Volcano rested for quite some time and we hope for the best that things will be back to normal for Tagaytay and the nearby areas. It is just a good thing that we have medical facilities like the Tagaytay Medical Center to care in these trying times. 

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