Vivo S1 Pro: Strike a pose like a pro

You’re on a picturesque island—the sun is at that perfect spot in the sky where your best features are highlighted, the sand: perfectly blanc, the ocean: gleaming with its majestic and clear waters, and (to top it all off) you’re wearing a fabulous outfit you’ve been itching to flaunt for a while now. The opportune moment has come for a flawless photo, but there’s one problem: you have no idea how to strike a fabulous pose. 

With the continued domination of the social media age—unblemished social media feeds, stunning portraits by “average joes”, and as a result, a great demand for gadgets with premium cameras—it’s no longer unusual for people to worry and overthink about something as simple as posing in front of their smartphones to take “snaps for the gram”. Luckily, Vivo, the leading global technology company, never fails to innovate; and that innovation is perfectly embedded in their stylish S1 Pro. 

The Vivo S1 Pro 

The Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo’s first “Pro” model from its S-series, is packed with unique features evident both inside and out. While its ultra-smooth performance, unparalleled diamond shaped camera, and industry-leading 32MP selfie camera frequent S1 Pro-related conversations, another unprecedented feature of the smartphone is its AI posemaster. The concept behind this invention is simple: from numerous categories, users choose a sample image they will mimic; then grid lines guiding users to pose will be presented. Users will simply have to fit themselves within the lines, take the photo and all will be said and done. 

No more awkward selfies 

As mentioned, the Vivo S1 Pro’s AI posemaster has several pose categories—two of which can be done in one’s humble abode. A selfie category of the in-camera app displays pose suggestions that are remarkably instructive—with detailed directives such as proper angling of the head and appropriate placement of the user’s hands down to each finger. 

A rear camera category also aids users in taking a perfect mirror shot. Proper holding and placement of the camera as well as what to do with the rest of the body are some directives in this category—ultimately saving users from the awkwardness of taking mirror selfies. 

Unforgettable moments with others 

As if drawing up poses for an individual isn’t hard enough, “groufies” and “couple pics” are almost always difficult to orchestrate especially when majority of the members in the group are camera shy. The posemaster eases this struggle with quirky pose suggestions intent on cementing unforgettable moments with friends. 

Change of dilemma 

Categories featuring different fashion themes also make up Vivo’s posemaster. Whether you’re sporting an athletic getup, parading the outskirts of town with your streetwear, or strolling through a breath-taking beach with your marvellous outfit, the Vivo S1 pro’s AI posemaster paired with its high-quality camera will transform your confusion from how to pose, to what photo to use for your feed. 

The Vivo S1 Pro is available at all authorized Vivo outlets nationwide or at the following retailers: Lazada, Shopee
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