Friday, November 01, 2019

When my Dad was still alive, he'd stress the importance of family gatherings during meal times. We would always celebrate special occasions with a feast, not necessarily extravagant, but making sure that we are complete. Growing up, he works abroad and since he missed some of the special moments in our lives, family gatherings are a must. 

This is why I was moved while watching this video of Marcelo Santos III and his Dad, Marcelo Jr. It actually hit home so hard because conversations during meal times are what I missed the most, now that my Dad is not with us. It's not that I was always at home but during special occasions, family bonding is really essential. That way, you can understand everyone in the family and create special moments that you could remember in your lifetime.

But aside from conversations, sumptuous food is also vital in every meal. It is important to make food flavorful so that your family can enjoy what you prepare with so much gusto. Like Marcelo III, I love having fried chicken during family gatherings and products like Crispy Fry makes it more yummy.  And that surely makes a meal more meaningful.

How about you, what is your mealtime confession and what makes mealtimes meaningful to you? 

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