Friday, September 06, 2019

Attention Oreo People!
Remember the iconic Oreo commercial about a dad and a son dunking the biscuit into a glass of milk? I think that is where the brand became a global leader in biscuits. All around the world, the delicious partnership of a chocolate cookie and vanilla crème in the center is beloved. It’s easy to see that there are Oreo people everywhere, especially in the Philippines and to provide us with new ways to enjoy our favorite cookie, Mondelez Philippines, the maker of the brand, has launched two new formats to enjoy snacking moments with: the Oreo Chocolate Coated and Oreo Wafer Roll

The appetite for snacking is growing. More and more people are snacking these days, whether it’s to fuel their day, boost their energy or even just to treat themselves. In the Philippines, snack products are seeing good business growth, with biscuits leading the way. The categories of chocolate coated cookies and wafers are also growing, providing a great opportunity for the Company to expand its portfolio. With a purpose to empower people to snack right, Oreo maker Mondelez Philippines aims to do just that - provide consumers with the right snack, for the right moment and made the right way.

Oreo Wafer Roll in Chocolate
“We have seen that the way consumers live is changing the way they eat,” offers Criselle Villafuerte, Mondelez Philippines Marketing Manager. “People are looking for more exciting snacking experiences they can share with their friends or even their online followers. Consumers are also always on-the-go, travelling or commuting, and they need snacks for these moments in their lives, too. As a global leader in snacks, we aim to offer the right snack for these right moments in consumers’ lives.”

Oreo Chocolate Coated
Villafuerte continues, “People love Oreo around the world. To give consumers the Oreo taste they enjoy and in ways that keep up with their lives, we’ve introduced more ways to enjoy our brand. These are Oreo Chocolate Coated and Oreo Wafer Roll.” 

Oreo Brand Manager Kristine Enriquez continues, “Oreo Chocolate Coated combines two globally-loved things: Oreo cookies and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. All in one delicious cookie bite. It’s a great dessert or an indulgence late at night when you want to relax or be in the moment. The Oreo Wafer Roll is Oreo like you’ve never had before. It’s a thin and crispy wafer roll that comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacking or a light treat after a meal.”

Oreo Wafer Roll in Vanilla
“There is more than one way to enjoy Oreo; we offer many more unique and enjoyable snacking experiences,” ends Enriquez. “You can eat the crème first, cookie first, or enjoy it chocolate- coated or in wafer roll form. With our new product innovations, we hope to capture and be part of more snacking moments of Filipinos, further strengthening our snacks leadership.”

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