Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A cold rainy day is best spent in bed with a steaming mug of coffee and a good book or snuggled up with your kids under a warm blanket. But if it falls on a work day and you have no choice but to get out and endure a wet commute, arm yourselves with these rainy day essentials to keep you dry, comfy and bright. 

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Now for some cool rainy-day gear and where to find them: 

This top rainy day must-have comes in different shapes and sizes. There are windproof umbrellas, lightweight, foldable, reversible, manual and automatic. No matter what type you choose, make sure it can withstand a heavy downpour.

Where to buy: Robinson’s Department Store always has a good stock. If you want to invest in a sturdy umbrella, try Senz°, available at ROX Philippines.

Sport a jacket for extra protection and warmth. But don’t let this piece of outerwear upset your style. While nude colors are the safest as they can match any outfit, brighter hues can help perk up a rather gloomy day.

Where to buy: From trendy to classic, lightweight to heavy, Uniqlo offers a wide selection of jackets for men, women and children. For more heavy-duty and waterproof jackets, head to any Columbia branch.

Foldable Rainboots
A good pair of wellies may just spell the difference between life and death in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, a heavy downpour flooding. Keep safe: Don’t get your feet wet so you don’t risk contracting leptospirosis and other scary diseases lurking in floodwaters.

Where to buy: Affordable boots are available at Robinson’s Department Store. Look for foldable boots at Butterfly Twists.

Waterproof Bags
It’s hard to keep things dry when commuting through a downpour. A good water-repellent or waterproof bag to secure your laptop and other valuables will help keep your cool on a stressful, rainy commute.

Where to buy: The Travel Club has a variety of rainproof bags and backpacks that will suit your style and needs.

Bug spray
Because mosquito-borne diseases like dengue spike during the rainy season, applying insect repellent should be part of your daily routine. There are a variety of bug sprays out in the market but choose one that’s friendly to your skin. While DEET-based repellents are the most effective, natural ones work just as well and even offer protection for longer hours.

Where to buy: Bench offers Bug Away Mist, which is free from parabens, DEET and artificial pigments, and made from natural insect-repelling ingredients like lemongrass, citronella and lavender. It’s perfectly safe for children. Mothercare has a bigger selection of insect repellents for babies and children.

Waterproof spray
The rains should not stop you from sporting your favorite kicks. Protecting your shoes and sneakers with a good waterproof spray will help them last longer and let you weather the rainy season in style.

Where to buy: One of the best waterproof sprays for shoes out there is Collonil Carbon Pro, which offers longer-lasting protection against dirt and moisture. It’s suitable for all kinds of material: textile, high-textile, suede, nubuck and other types of leather. It’s available at Grind.

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