Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ah, the rainy season is upon us once more. The bleak skies and the damp grounds can somehow make us feel a bit blah. For some of us, it means bed-weather days (and nights). We like to just curl up in bed and wish there will be no class or work for days on end. But adults that we are, we manage to get up, brave the cold shower, put on our jacket and troop to our offices and universities. Somehow, between the time we leave our homes (dry) to the time we get back (drenched), we are able to find ways to keep our spirits up by engaging in our favorite national pastime called Eating.

The pitter-patter on our roof and the tsung-tsung of the windows are the perfect backdrop for a warm bowl of champorado and, its classic partner, tuyo. The cold air inspires us to cook some chunky soup, or the traditional lugaw, goto or arroz caldo—actually anything to keep the tummy warm and full, and us happy. And how does this cooking spree happen?

From work or school, we wait out the rains in the supermarket or grocery. (Oh, yes, traffic can be bad, too). We pick out the ingredients in our head even before we get to the section. When we get there, we often take more than what we had planned for. A bowl becomes a big kaserola of chicken sopas. In addition to tuyo, there is now sardinas. Thank goodness, it is easier and faster to pay for all these than to cook them. Whether we are in Ever, Robinsons or SM Hypermart, we just scan to pay with GCash. On the app’s main page, we just click ‘Pay QR’’ tap the ‘Scan QR Code’ icon; align the camera at cashier’s QR code; input the amount of what we bought and we’re done! Now, to the cooking part …

Anyway, for those of us who are “cooking challenged,” there is an easier way to warm our tummies when it rains. On our way home, we can pass by our favorite restaurant and take out any tummy-warmers or fillers that we like. For congee that can revive a cold stomach. there is Goto King, Lugang CafĂ© or Shi Lin. For noodles that can lift damp spirits, there is Kowloon, Mongkok or the Michelin-starred Hawker Chan.

For lugaw that can wipe out rainy day blues, there is Lugaw Republic or Lugawan sa Pio. Aside from all these food making you belly happy, the cashless way to pay for them makes you belly full. With STP, just scan the code, pin in the amount and we’re good to go…home to enjoy the steamy soup or porridge on a rainy day.

Come to think of it, the rainy season can bring as much happiness as a summer day.
All it takes is some warm food and GCash.

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