Some of the Hottest Actors in the Philippines Right Now!

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The Philippines has no shortage of talent when it comes to show business, but there are some actors that just seem to rise to the top. Whether it’s due to their stunning good looks, incredible charisma, approachable personalities, or excellent acting skills, there’s just no denying that some people are born to be stars. The competition to get to the top of the news cycles is fierce, but luckily for you we’ve put together a list of young actors who are definitely making waves thanks to new projects. Here’s a list of some of the hottest young actors in Philippine show business this 2019! 

Coco Martin 

Coco Martin may be a huge primetime star right now, but as an actor he had humble beginnings. While his sweet smile and expressive face made him a star as Cardo in ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano, Coco worked as an OFW before building his career through indie films such as Brillante Mendoza’s Masahista (2005) and Serbis (2008). Coco Martin now stars in the longest-running action drama series on Philippine television, which is able to pull in over 44.6% viewership during the primetime slot! His charisma as an actor is unparalleled, and you can be sure to see more of Cardo in the years to come. 

James Reid 

This Filipino-Australian actor has been capturing hearts for almost a decade now, but only really hit it big in 2014 when he starred alongside now-partner Nadine Lustre in the hit film Ang Diary ng Panget. James Reid is an actor, singer, and host, and besides his many acting credits has also released three studio albums! James and Nadine recently released their duet ‘Summer’ on YouTube, to the delight of their many fans. Besides working on his music, James has also been cast as the lead in 2019’s Pedro Penduko, so keep an eye out for that.

Joshua Garcia 

BNY Jeans favorite Joshua Garcia has only been in the limelight for five years, but the impact he’s had on the minds and hearts of viewers makes it seem like he’s been around for longer. As one half of popular love team JoshLia, Joshua has been in blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit. His tandem with partner Julia Barretto first started in 2016 with teen favorite Vince and Kath and James (2016), and the two have starred in hit movies and teleseryes over the last couple of years. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

Enrique Gil 

Enrique Gil is another young actor who’s been making the news lately, thanks in part to his stint as Raf, one half of a pair of star-crossed lovers in Antoinette Jadaone’s Alone/Together (2019). One of the most highly-anticipated films of 2019, the teaser trailer alone drew in almost 5 million views on Facebook a day after it was posted! Enrique’s suave yet earnest charm makes him a definite heartthrob in the eyes of fans, and his partnership with Liza Soberano is one of the country’s favorites. 

Carlo Aquino 

Carlo Aquino’s career spans all the way from his childhood, where his charisma as the young son of veteran actress Vilma Santos in Bata, bata… paano ka ginawa? (1998) garnered him accolades at a young age. Carlo isn’t just known for his acting; he was also in several bands growing up, although has now chosen to focus on his work as a thespian rather than as a musician. His latest project has him starring opposite Nadine Lustre in romantic drama Ulan (2019), so keep an eye out!


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