Friday, December 28, 2018

It is my lifelong dream to travel the world. And one country that I have in mind outside Asia, is Mexico. It's just that their country has this very colorful vibe, soulful music, and best of all, sumptuous and definitely flavorful food. And just recently, I was invited to try out Fiery Style in Capitol Commons, Estancia Mall, Pasig City, where a piece of Mexico comes out to life. 

I must admit that I am not very fond of spicy food. But since this is the time of discoveries, we might as well explore with our tastebuds, right?

Fiery Nachos
First on our list is their Fiery Nachos, their famous starter. It has every ingredient possible - corn chips, nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos, sour cream and choices of grilled jalapeno lime chicken, Mexican chili beef, BBQ pulled pork or Barbecued beef brisket. It even comes inside a cylinder that it looks like a big surprise when served. 

Lord of the Wings
Next served on our table is the Lord of the Wings, a beautifully presented chicken wing skewers with three different flavors: Hot Hot Hot Sauce and Jalapenos, Nacho Cheese Sauce and Bacon, and Texan Style BBQ. This consists of 24 chicken wings that can cater to different personalities. Since spicy food is very hard for me to eat, I have the two flavors to enjoy. The Hot Hot Hot Sauce and Jalapenos lives up to its name and are best for master spicy food eaters. 

Galleon of Bones 
Baja Supremo
Fiery Style loves to serve most to groups. We then had Galleon of Bones (good for 2-3 persons) where a serving of BBQ ribs (super yum!), chicken wings, meaty pork hammers, Beef ribs served with Southwest chips or choices of fiery rice, coleslaw and Texan style BBQ sauce. They also have the Baja Supremo where you can feast in a seafood platter of spicy butter garlic shrimps, fried cream dory fingers, grilled salmon loin and crispy salted egg calamari. YUM!

Classic Paloma
Even their drinks are hotta hotta! Classic Paloma is their featured drink made with grapefruit and lime mixed to Tequila. It is topped with chili to make it more fiery and exciting.

Southwest Churros
New York Frozen Cheesecake
But not everything is fiery in Mexico, right? For dessert, we got the Southwest Churros, served with chocolate dip and vanilla ice cream; and the New York Frozen Cheesecake. So if you have been munching with too much spicy food, they can balance your palette well. 

Fiery Style is located at G/F Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Ortigas, Pasig City. Experience the Tex-Mex gusto and let them set the flavors on fire. To know more, you may visit their Facebook Page at

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