The Fairest of them All: Vivo V11i in Fairy Pink

The V11i in Fairy Pink shows the sweet side of the global smartphone brand.

On September 11, global smartphone brand Vivo unveiled its latest offering, the V11, that went beyond expectations with its galactic-inspired color fusion designs: the Nebula and the Starry Night. These invoked the hues of the universe in black, blue, and purple for a fashion-forward, futuristic event. To the surprise of its attendees, Vivo also launched the V11i version of its flagship smartphone on the same night. 

The V11i is the more affordable version of the V11 at only Php15,999. At this price, you would be able to enjoy the 25-megapixel front camera, the 6.3-inch screen with the Halo FullView™ Display, the 16MP+5MP dual rear camera, and other specs that prove that Vivo is a leader in mobile technology. 

Over a month after the release of the V11i, Vivo still got a trick up its sleeve with the limited edition V11i in Fairy Pink, a pale shade of pink that will remind you of fairy godmothers and magical treats. Indeed, V11i in Fairy Pink is ready to make wishes come true!

If you wish to look posh and stylish

V11i in Fairy Pink is reminiscent of the swoon-worthy millennial pink that fashionistas all over the world hailed as the color of now. Although it’s a modern color, this light pink shade is still very timeless which can withstand seasonal trends. More than the color, the V11i features a Halo FullView™ Display with ultra-thin 1.76mm side bezels. It’s even enhanced with the 3D curved body design that blends the edges of the phone into the display for an immersive viewing experience and a comfortable grip—making it a perfect accent to any look. 

If you wish to always look glamorous in your photos,  the V11i in Fairy Pink is equipped with AI technology that makes photos stand out. Vivo’s AI Backlight HDR and AI Low Light Mode’s algorithms have been optimized to shoot clear, bright photos in all lighting conditions. The V11i also includes the AI Portrait Framing that uses artificial intelligence to guide you to compose photos. 

V11i in Fairy Pink invokes the sweet colors of nature. 

V11i has also all-new features for selfie lovers like the AI Face Shaping technology with an AI face-modelling algorithm that allows users to enhance their facial features without making them look too processed. It also has an improved AI Selfie Lighting feature which also offers more lighting effects through the addition of the Loop Light and the Rainbow Light options. 

If you wish to keep up with a fast-paced world

One of the newest features of the latest Vivo smartphone is its extended battery life and fast charging technology, especially if you are always on the go. The Vivo V11i has energy-efficient AI chip and large 3315mAh battery. Moreover, V11i has a Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology that can replenish its battery as quickly as possible so you will have more time to enjoy the smartphone. 

If you wish to be empowered in all your pursuits

The Vivo V11i in Fairy Pink runs on a new-generation 2.0 GHz octa-core AI processor for super powerful performance. It also has 4GB RAM and a large 128GB ROM. It also has the latest Funtouch OS 4.5 which is based on Android 8.1 and the Jovi AI Engine to improve speed while browsing social media, gaming, and other tasks. The Jovi AI Engine, moreover, is Vivo’s AI assistant that can recognize what you see and perform related searches at a tap of the finger. It is also a voice-powered personal attendant, ready to help you perform tasks any time.

If you wish to own this without breaking the bank

All these and more can be at the palm of your hand for only Php15,999, making the Vivo V11i in Fairy Pink an easy-to-reach wish granter. 

Vivo V11i will remind you of spring flowers
Vivo has created magic for all its loyal patrons with V11i in Fairy Pink. Make your wishes come true with this limited-edition smartphone for only Php15,999. It will be exclusively available on the online shopping platform, Shopee (Check the link here: , and all participating Vivo concepts stores and kiosks nationwide.

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