Tuesday, July 31, 2018

One of my favorite things to when traveling is going live. It makes me feel as if my friends are traveling with me even online. That is why when ASUS informed me that there is going to be a smartphone that's going to be launched this July from their LIVE line, I definitely had to make sure to get first dibs on this awesome phone, the ASUS Zenfone Live L1.

The first Zenfone Live was released last year and it was one of the phones that had great response from the users. This year, the Zenfone Live L1 was launched last July 21, and I must say that this phone is perfect for users who look for affordability and functionality. You can watch my unboxing here: 

More Screen, More Energy, More Fun

I have been using the ASUS Zenfone Live L1 for a week and the device best fits my lifestyle. You see, I have so many roles everyday - being a banker, a daughter, and a blogger - makes the 3,000 mAh high capacity battery so important to me. Even on a whole day wifi-fest, I don't need to charge the phone that much, it can even last up to 28 days on stand by.

With its 5.5" Full view 18:9 Display in 5" body, watching my favorite k-dramas are quite a breeze. Playing videos are so easy and doesn't lag. The video quality is awesome, and the audio is quite flawless. You can stretch your video into full screen, and even has an outdoor mode where you can expect a powerful audio quality even if you are outside your home. And if you know me, I love watching my Korean fix while on the road and on my way to the office.

To add more security, the Zenfone Live L1 has a special face unlock and can easily access your homepage without the hassle of inputting passwords. It also gas a triple-slot tray where you can insert two nano sim cards and even up tp 2TB microSD.

And because I'm quite a colorful person, it's so easy putting in themes in this phone. They also have free themes that matches my everyday mood.

Picture Perfect Quality

The ZenFone Live L1 features a 13MP sharp shooting rear camera. It also has an HDR mode, making photos more vivid and brighter. You can also use the Portrait Mode in capturing different faces or places. 

Here are the shots that I took using the Zenfone Live L1:

Speaking of affordability, the Zenfone Live L1 retails for only PHP5,995. With this price, I must say that this phone is more than meets the eye. It is packed with features, it is very compact and lightweight, the battery is impressive, the system responds to the user instantly and it is very easy to do live videos with. Summing all that up, this is one phone you should not miss. 

For more information on the newest ZenFone Live L1, the ZenFone series, and other incredible products from ASUS, tune in to the ASUS Philippines Facebook Page and the ZenTalk Philippines Forum.

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