Destination: South Korea, Will Emote

I've only been to three countries outside the Philippines so far - Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan. But it is not surprising to know that my favorite among them is South Korea - because of the k-drama, k-pop and k-anything feels. I told my friend Hannah, that maybe, if I weren't born in the Philippines, I would definitely fit into SoKor. Seoul has been my happy place twice, but what you did not know is that Korea is one of my "hugot" place. 

Flashback to year 2015, I just got out of a break-up with my long time boyfriend. It was a time when I needed to get out of the country, and get out real fast as I felt the need to make up new memories from what seemingly the hardest times of my life. Everyone knows how bubbly of a person I am, some did not even know that I've been in a rough patch because ending a six year relationship is not easy. Especially when you feel that you've done everything to save it. 

That year was the darkest of my life, and everything feels so sad because I'm used to the good morning greetings, the "I love you's" and "I miss you's". And so my friend made me promise to go to Korea and breathe into its surroundings, immerse in their culture and bring happy memories after my trip. And so, my "Seoul Searching" began there. 

My first trip to my "hugot place" was during winter. At that time, I felt like Queen Elsa playing with snow. It was cold and sometimes get really dark, just like the scene where she shuts herself to find the real her. My photos would seem like I have brought my ray of sunshine, but inside, that was not the case. 

It was a good thing that going around Seoul makes me think and re-assemble my broken heart. I think going on a trip would really let you discover more about yourself and assess your goals in life. 

Fast forward to 2018, my heart isn't broken anymore. I was finally at peace with my mind and my heart. And just like the Goya Dark Chocolate, our days may seem dark and blurry one day, but you have to experience even the bitterness to get to great and happy days.  

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