Saturday, April 14, 2018

All my friends know how much I love Hello Kitty and pink stuff. I know, being 32 means I have to be more mature, but Hello Kitty sparks my inner kid. When my niece asked me "when did you start liking Hello Kitty?", I told her that it was just recently that I began to love her. But it was mostly my friends who influenced me into liking her and buy things with her face on.

And so when it comes to looking for items with Hello Kitty, I have SHOPEE to rely on because they have the lowest price guarantee and free delivery. Do you want to see my Hello Kitty wishlist? Let me tour you to my Shopee shopping cart:

Hello Kitty Sleepwear

How cute is this sleepwear? It looks really comfy and nice to wear while chasing your dreams. 
Hello Kitty Sleepwear from

Hello Kitty Tumbler

These tumblers come in different colors. Quench your thirst and sport something cute at the same time. 

Hello Kitty Water Eco Bottle at

4 pcs. Hello Kitty Multipurpose Waterproof Travel Organizer

These are a must have for traveling! And since we have an upcoming Taiwan trip, this is best to bring with me to segregate my stuff.
Hello Kitty Travel Organizers from
Hello Kitty Coin Purse

Stow your loose coins and bills in this adorable coin purse.

Hello Kitty coin purse from
Hello Kitty Bed Sheet

My bed is the most important part of my room. These bed sheets looks so comfortable and fun to use.
Hello Kitty bed sheet from
Hello Kitty Wall Lamp

Accessorize your room with a cute Hello Kitty Wall lamp. Kids (and kids at heart) will definitely love this.

Hello Kitty Wall Lamp from

Hello Kitty Coin Bank

Have fun saving your pennies with a cute piggy bank.

Hello Kitty Piggy Bank from

Hello Kitty Hand Bag

A see-through summer bag is a must have to easily locate your things.

Hello Kitty Hand Bag from

Hello Kitty Face Puff

Get refreshed and enjoy cleaning your face at the end of the day with these.
Hello Kitty Cleansing Face Puff from

Hello Kitty Make Up Tool Set

Enjoy putting on make-up and enhance your looks with the tool set.
Hello Kitty Make-up Tools Set from 
I am definitely in Kitty Wonderland with Shopee! Not only that, I will also start selling items in my shop so check that our soon. In the meantime, you can get as much as Php80 off on your first purchase by using my special code, BSUKISUGARSMILE. Shop away!

Am I so excited for you to shop! To know more and get updated on Shopee and their promos, follow them on their social media accounts at and

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