Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Being able to travel to Korea twice is quite a privilege to me. I can vividly remember the sights, the sounds and its many different flavors. Back home, I have savored the taste of Korea with Oh My Korean Grill and Chimaek, located at the 139 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City.

Oh My Korean Grill and Chimaek means Oh My Chicken and Beer (Chi is short for chicken and Maek is beer in Korean). During our trip to Nami Island, our tour guide taught us how to order Chimaek, if you do not prefer spicy chicken, say “an mapde”. But if you are adventurous enough, then “mapde” all the way.

This restaurant offers a fair game to the existing k-restaurants around Quezon City. Downstairs are where the korean grills are, so you can enjoy cooking the freshest and sumptuous meat slices. You can choose from pork and meat where they also serve unli rice and side dishes. 

The second floor gives a pretty chill vibe as you listen to k-pop and order Korean dishes without the effort of grilling. The bar is also located upstairs so you can easily order drinks and the “maek”.

By the end of the night, I was so full in Korean beef, samgyupsal, and even have other dishes that makes them unique from the other Korean restaurants. See what we had below:

Crisp Hawaiian Spam Sticks and Mozarella Chic Popper

Cheesy Bacon Roll

Kimchi Nachos

YangNyeom Chicken

Master Chicken

Winter Chicken



Noodles and Soup
My favorite is the YangYeom chicken because it is so savory. I've even went for the second time to avail the Unli Pork and Beef Promo for only Php499. Isn't it so affordable? I went to meat heaven and it was so satisfying. 

Oh My Korean Grill and Chimaek restaurant is a must visit to experience k-fusion! Know more about them by visiting their social media pages at www.facebook.com/OhMySamgyup and www.instagram.com/ohmykoreangrill.chimaek

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