Saturday, December 16, 2017

My most memorable Uber ride few years ago is when my friend and I had to go to Paranaque on a rush hour. It was Christmas season and we had to go to an event and no one was going to the same direction as ours. That was the time I loved how Uber conveniently got us from Point A to Point B without any hassle, plus the driver was so accommodating.

Fast forward to 2017, thousands of Filipino riders around the metro have relied on the app to get them where they need to go, safely and conveniently. The year has also brought us lot of new and incredible connections and special moments experienced as we took on the cities’ roads, meeting all kinds of folks along the way.

As a remarkable year comes to a close, Uber has a special year-end treat for you by creating your own personalized music video based on your rider stats starring your own Uber archetype! Check out the seven types and see which one you may fall under. 

The Explorer

For you, Uber isn’t just a way to get around your home base — it’s how you traverse the world. You take in the new sights, sounds, and scents of new cities through the best way you know how. As The Explorer, you’ve visited many cities, and you’ve used Uber in each one to get to your destination. Exploring is a breeze for you with an Uber car, whichever part of the globe you find yourself in.

The Lux Rider

Getting to your location safely and efficiently is one thing; arriving consistently in style is another. The Lux Rider has a penchant for the finer things in life — including luxury rides. You’ve constantly relied on Uber Black for your journeys, and you know that a trip is never complete without a premium car to cruise in.

The All Star Hero

If there’s somewhere you need to be, who else are you going to call? As the High-Trip Hero, you’ve taken a high number of rides with Uber. No matter what time of the day or situation, rain or shine, you’ve counted on Uber multiple times to get to where you want and need to go. In the busy streets of Manila, Uber has become your go-to for whenever you need a ride.

The Road Tripper

For someone fond of road trips, it’s not just the destination that counts, but the journey taken. You’ve truly gone the distance on your journeys with Uber — very long distances, in fact. The Road Tripper has accumulated a very high total distance traveled, so much that they spend majority of their day in an Uber car. We’ve loved having you along for the ride, too.

The Night Rider

Darkness is your friend and gives you comfort. As most people are just about to end their day, yours is just getting started. The Night Rider has taken most Uber trips after the sun has set. Whether for your nocturnal adventures or graveyard shifts, we’ve been there to take you through the night.

The Early Bird

As soon as the sun peeps on the horizon, we arrive on your doorstep like clockwork. This year, you’ve started most of your days with Uber, taking you where you’re needed for the day. As The Early Bird, you’ve taken most morning trips with Uber, beginning each new day with a reliable ride.

The Midday Wanderer

Rush hour? Traffic? These words mean nothing to you, or you are at least unfazed by the metro’s midday bustle. As The Midday Wanderer, most of your Uber trips are taken during the afternoon, as you thrive on the energy of the city at its liveliest.

Connecting partners and riders of different backgrounds, personalities and interests through countless rides and moments shared on the road has marked 2017 as a colorful year for Uber. 

Now, take a look at a year’s worth of your journey with Uber in Manila by logging on to for your own music video based on your rider stats.

The rider archetypes have been inspired by users’ riding history and will be revealed to them as part of the personalized digital experience. Archetypes and descriptions are as follows:

● The All Star - All-Stars make some serious moves. They move from place to place, finding comfort in the backseat space. 

● The Explorer - Collecting miles, both air and road, is a habit for Explorers. Travel is part and parcel of their lives, and once on the ground, Uber is their default mode.

● The Early Bird - Early Birds are quintessentially morning people. While others are still in bed, they've made their way, making sure they get the most out of their day. 

● The Midday Wanderer - Midday Wanderers are all about town before the sun goes down. They hop around to shop, run errands or have tea. They get a ton done before making the home run.

● The Nightrider - While others are home, you'll no doubt find Nightriders out and about. More often found under the moon than out in the sun, they're the life of the party.

● The Roadtripper - There's no such thing as roads less travelled for Roadtrippers. They have clocked in some serious road miles from one adventure to the next. 

● The Lux Rider - Lux Riders are all about unrivalled comfort and top-class service. Sophisticated in every way, they want the very best and they get it. 

Check out the link here to find out more about Year With Uber.

How about you? What kind of an Uber rider are you? 

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