Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rewind to 2007, I asked a then-boyfriend to go with me to Greenbelt because I saw this cute planner at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Since my personalized planner doesn't look too appealing anymore, I told him that I need to buy the Belle De Jour Power Planner, even if it means going to Makati, when my work is in Ortigas. Since then, it was the best decision ever. The boyfriend was gone after a few years, but my planners served as the best friend who I can confide to anytime. 

Last weekend marked my tenth year as a BDJ Bella. I think I've pushed myself not to fail in being one because it is that one constant thing in my life. From the rendezvous to the passion series, I've discovered more about myself, gained new friends, got inspired and will always be a part of me. This year, the 2018 Planner launch was held at the Shangri-la Mall East Wing Atrium for two days. I decided to go on a Saturday, after my Hello Kitty Run, and pre-ordered my planner and got a talk pass. I chose the "Balancing Wants and Needs" by Jill Sabitsana, because I think this is what I need in my life right now. 

After the talk, I went around and went to the Crafter's Market. I loved how they have different products and you can buy add ons for your planning needs. I got myself stickers since I always design my planner pages with colorful stuff.

This year feels different with the new venue, but I felt that this one makes it more intimate. I was also signed up to do my own 2018 Dreamboard, and I really enjoyed this activity. You see, making dreamboards are bit dramatic for me because I always look forward to the best year ahead. Planning the future makes me hopeful that I can tick off the things in my bucket list one at a time.  

There are many planners to choose from the BDJ Launch Weekend, but I ordered the original smythe design and customized it with my name. I absolutely cannot wait to use my planner, and if you still haven't seen the inside pages of the BDJ Power Planner, take a peek below:

Belle De Jour Planners never cease to amaze me. In a world where everything is digital, paper planners still stand out for me because it's easy to use and within your reach. Didn't make it to the launch weekend? Visit to order your BDJ planners now, while they are still on launch prices.

How about you? What is your preferred planner this year? :)

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