Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm the type of person who doesn't have too much time on her hands. Somehow, I kind of struggle being a blogger and an office girl. They say rest is for the weak, and since I have too many deadlines, going to the spa or a salon is already a luxury for me. But recently, during the E! Bloggers Ball, I discovered a nail polish application that I can perfect in just seconds, the Incoco Nail Polish Strips!

Incoco rocks for me because it is 100% nail polish and you can put them on your nails in no time. All  you need is a nail file and you're good to go. I find it fascinating that you do not have to put on a quick dry polish, it saves you time from going to a nail spa, you have so many designs to choose from, and it lasts even if you do your chores while it is applied to your nails. I even visited their booth at SM Megamall and there are so many nail art designs, the possibilities are endless. 

Few years back, I used to do nail art on my nails and it takes so much effort to draw on short nails. You see, I was a nail-biter and the only thing that could stop me is putting on nail polish. Did you see my ring finger? I used the Incoco Perfect Accent to enhance the red colored nails. It seems as if it was done by a professional nail artist, but I just put in on for five seconds. Amazing!

So let me tell you how to put on this product. First, you have to remove the clear cover on top of the strip, then you have to peel the polish strip. You have to remove the silver tab and select the end portion, apply to your nail and gently measure to your nail's length, and lastly, remove the excess product by using a nail file. I can attest that this will only take you less that a minute. 

For an easy peasy nail design that's easy to use, you might consider stocking up with Incoco now. I think this is perfect for the upcoming holidays for yourself or to give away to your friends. To know more about Incoco, you may visit their webpage at or follow the social media sites on Facebook and Instagram

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