Saturday, September 02, 2017

Anyone I know can attest how much of a Korean fan I am. And most of the time, I keep on looking for Korean food because I keep on missing how good they taste. From their bibimbap to the gimbap, street food and most of all, their desserts! And I love how easy they are to reach now here in Manila. For my BINGSU cravings, Snowbing is my first choice. 

Snowbing is located at SM City North EDSA - Main Mall. The first time I went there, I especially tried the Cheezy Mango Bingsu because it is so hot in Manila even if it keeps on raining. At first, I thought that they only offer bingsu on their menu. On my second visit, I feel as if my K-experience is complete. 

Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Pizza
If your love pizza and pasta, Snowbing offers Pizza Slices for only Php99. Flavors include Pepperoni, Korean, Cheese and Kimchi. I tried the Pepperoni because I also ordered a Korean Pasta and it would be redundant to get both right? 

Belgian Chocolate Toast
For snacks, they have four types of Toast - Honey Butter, Matcha Green Tea, White and Dark Chocolate, and Belgian Chocolate (Php188). We tried the latter and I loved it. For someone who isn't much into bread, this is perfect for my sweet craving. 

Kimchi Pasta
Salted Egg Pasta
Korean Pasta
As I've said earlier, they also serve pasta and you can choose from Salted Egg, Korean and Kimchi (Php198). Their single serving pasta are all good. The Korean and Kimchi varieties are fit for the Filipino tongue, as they are not too spicy. I remember going to Korea and everything on their menu (except their desserts) are so spicy even if I ordered a mild flavored dish. 

Tropical Fruit Bingsu
Mangoes and Cream Bingsu
Cheezy Mango Bingsu
The star of the show - Snowbing offers TWELVE flavors of bingsu! If my friend Krystle loves ice cream, bingsu is more of my thing and I can go back there just to try all twelve of them. Their basic flavors are Tropical Fruit, Mangoes and Cream, Strawberries and Cream, Pat Bingsu, Salted Caramel and Cheezy Mango for Php168.

Choco Banana Bingsu
More special flavors are Choco Banana, Cookies & Cream, Choco Brownie and Matcha Green Tea are priced at Php188. 

Apple Crumble Bingsu
If you want something sweet but do not go overboard with the sugar, try their Apple Crumble and Tiramisu Bingsu (Php198)

To complete your Korean experience, your favorite k-pop groups are heard all over their store. So gather up your chinggus and visit Snowbing now. This is best enjoyed with your k-lover friends and family. Aside from the one in SM City North EDSA, they recently opened at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. 

To know more about Snowbing, you can hop on to their Facebook Page at


Yep... totoo po kinain na po yung friend kong si Ria ng sistema ng Korean kemeresh :)
Love you bestie!!!


Attest ba kamo? Yep, Totoo po. Si Ria po ay kinain na ng sistema ng Korean Kemeresh.. Love you Bestie!


Hahaha alam mo yan!


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