Monday, August 21, 2017

Due to our busy schedules, we often forget to take care and pamper ourselves. I am very much guilty of this, because I have my dayjob, events and household chores during weekends. It is very likely for me to have time for myself that I was so glad for the long weekend. This Saturday was a very well spent afternoon at Status Hair Salon at Maginhawa St. Quezon City. 
Status Hair Salon's facade
Upon entering shop, Status Hair Salon's staff are all friendly and very accommodating. I was with Krystle that time and we were approached by Senior Stylists Ms. Divine and Ms. Page. If you know me personally, I've always had long black hair. I'd have them trimmed once in a while and have not done any drastic change ever.

I was assigned to Ms. Divine and she asked me if I wanted my hair colored, but since I don't have the courage to put chemicals in it yet, she said that we could have it treated instead. I was accompanied by Acee to have my hair washed and he noticed that I have healthy hair, but treatments are also important so it could have volume.

My hair have been masked :)
After washing my hair, they used the Matrix Cooling Mint Invigorating Mask and it was so refreshing. I enjoyed how cool it feels and my scalp are thanking the heavens for this product. It was then wrapped for a few minutes and left it so I can proceed with the footspa and manicure.

Foot Spa
Getting my nails' polished by Ms. Rica
Status Hair Salon has extensive services for everyone, at a very fair price. The Foot Spa, Manicure and Pedicure costs Php600 and I can attest how relaxing this package is. They also use Orly nail polishes so you could never go wrong with the quality.

With Senior Hairstylist, Ms. Divine <3 i="">
After my the mani-pedi, Acee rinsed my hair to get rid of the hair mask that they put earlier. I've already noticed that my hair feels softer. Ms. Divine then proceeded to trim and styled my hair just to get rid of the split ends. She also advised me that I shouldn't pluck the white hairs and I have to let it grow down instead. After a few minutes, my hair looks more tamed than before. Status Hair Salon is really a life (or hair) saver.

So happy to be pampered today. Thank you, Status Hair Salon Maginhawa!
Status Hair Salon is located at 140 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. Their branch is just 3 months old, and it is very cozy and homey. I was amazed of their pull-out sink for their foot spa and I am hands down on how elegant their branch looks like.

So if you are looking for the perfect #HairGoals, Status Hair Salon is definitely a must visit. You may check their newest promos through their website at or their Facebook Page. You may also book an appointment at numbers: (02) 9176163 or 09338695388.

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