Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Sundays consist of going to church, laundry or cleaning the house. This Sunday, I had a date with a certain Ms. White - Kitty White. Finally, the Hello Kitty Cafe in Uptown BGC finally opens and we had first dibs to this very cute and adorable cafe. 

You see, I have been to Hello Kitty Puroland at Malaysia, and the Hello Kitty Cafe at Myeongdong, Korea, so I was so ecstatic when the Hello Kitty Desserts Bar opened last year at SM City North EDSA. I took every opportunity to go there and try the sumptuous sweet treats. But when I finally discovered that they are already closed, my heart was kinda broken...until I saw the Hello Kitty Cafe sign at the 3rd Floor of Uptown BGC this year.

The Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines will start opening its doors on July 21, 2017, Friday. I was gearing myself to go there but a little birdie told me that they are doing a test run last Sunday, so Krystle and I, being the Hello Kitty fanatics that we are, head on to our wonderland. We were even the first ones to be there that morning and that made me so giddy. We can have our pictures taken in every corner of the cafe. How cool is that?

The interiors of the cafe is very adorable. They have Hello Kitty chairs with her ribbons on it, or you can be seated at the "cage". We chose the latter because, aesthetics. LOL. Even the comfort room is so cute, you have to check it out when you're there. 

Hello Kitty Cafe Menu

The Hello Kitty Cafe has a four-paged menu. They have frappes, sodas, hot drinks and fruit shakes. For the food, they have three types of soup, salads, quiches, sandwich and pasta. If you're that hungry they also have entrees and classic French dishes, sides and desserts. You can see the menu below:

Many might think that some of the food on the menu is quite on the pricey side. In my opinion, the prices are just right, if you compare it to those of the Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea. I had a serving of yogurt in Korea for 8000KRW (PHP376) and it IS just plain yogurt. Here, I could have the Creamy Pink Carbonara (PHP389) closest to that price.

What I also love about their food is that aside from the fact that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye (I would gush whenever food is served), their servings are hefty and they have different varieties to choose from - chicken, beef or pork. And because Hello Kitty is European, it is only fitting that they serve French dishes and pastries. 

What We Ate at the Hello Kitty Cafe 

Since it's a Sunday morning, we thought of having brunch at the cafe. We ordered the Salad Maison first when we asked their staff on what to get. She said that it is "instagrammable", and we did not want to disappoint. Truly, it was served on a bouquet. It was a salad bouquet. I wouldn't wish for any flower than this. The Salad Maison has curry chicken, with salad leaves, nuts, raisins, tofu, cucumber, grapes, vinaigrette and these cute Hello Kitty Ribbons made from egg whites (or pink).

Krystle isn't keen on having couscous, so she ordered the Creamy Pink Carbonara. It is again, aesthetically pleasing, with pink carbonara sauce and Hello Kitty's face stamped on the egg. Because, why not?

I had the Moroccan Chicken as my main course, served with couscous rice. The chicken is tender and it goes well with the couscous. I also enjoyed this one and loved it. I'm glad that they included dishes like those, because if I keep comparing it to Korea, they don't have much rice meals at their cafe version. They are mostly desserts and coffee.

For drinks, I had the Fizzy Blue Soda, while Krystle ordered the Mango Shake.I never thought that this cutesy cafe can make us this full.

We had Choco Chips Biskies for dessert. It was inside a cage and just so extra. In my perfect world, desserts come in life like this. I could not ask for a better presentation.

So are you excited? The Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines opens on Friday, and they are ready for you. To know more about the cafe, you may visit their Instagram Page at


So cute!! Love the bouquet presentation! Need to visit soon!!!


OMG! Stoked at this! Was there lang sa Uptown nung Sat. sayang di ko sya nakita. Will share with my kids:)


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