Friday, March 24, 2017

Going to the Venice Mall with your loved one is just so romantic. I actually feel so excited to go there every time because it looks and feels like you're in Italy. And last week, I have one more reason to go there because McKinley Hill's premiere lifestyle destination launched the state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex at the 3rd Floor. 
We watched Beauty of the Beast already, but watching it at a world-class movie theater with plush and comfortable seats, equipped with the latest big screen and sound system technology is icing on the cake. It is a viewing experience like no other, and I'm happy to share it with my BFF, Krystle. 

So imagine us, feeling like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, seated comfortably on reclining seats, while asking the butler for refills of our popcorn and drinks. Great, right?

The Venice Cineplex has 5 exceptional movie theaters. Cinema 2 and 5 operates in the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give you the most innovative and immersive experience in viewing, all because of its multidimensional surround sound. 

Dolby Atmos creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity through 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around audiences. The multidimensional sound realism does not distract the action on screen. This pretty much is the high point especially in watching blockbuster movies. 

What makes the Venice Cineplex so special is the VIP Cinema. This is a signature of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls - Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Newport and Uptown Cinemas. I am so proud that I've experienced watching movies at these locations, and I've always been impressed. It has luxurious reclining leather seats, making you watch the movie at ease. It has butler service that will keep drinks and popcorn flowing just by a touch of a button. 

For added convenience, you can also buy movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at

Elevate your movie viewing experience at the brand new Venice Cineplex at the Venice Grand Canal. To know more you may contact them at the details below:

Venice Grand Canal Concierge
Telephone: 624-1971
Mobile: 09175129934

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