Saturday, February 04, 2017

I am always in awe whenever I get to see amazing art pieces in real life. I guess it's because I have always been a frustrated artist - with my Mom and brother who can paint like a pro, I'm odd one out. That is why last week, being invited to Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students event at the SM North EDSA The Block Atrium, was the highlight of the Chinese New Year Celebration for me. Their fine pieces about nature and animals on scroll and plates are almost impossible to miss. 

The revered family patriarch, Mr. Jose Chan Lim, started the practice of painting - using oil, in scrolls, watercolor, in porcelain, and even on lanterns. Eventually, brothers Alex , Felix , Rolex and Jolex, were influenced to do landscape, flora, and fauna Chinese Brush paintings. When we had to interview Mr. Alex Chan Lim, he said that painting is their hobby and they have formal jobs. Since it has been in family for years, painting is a passion that gives them a very tight bond. 

Passed from generations to the next, the Chan Lims conduct art workshops, demos and art exhibits here and outside the Philippines. And now one of the largest art in display can be found at SM North EDSA. 

The Chan Lims' exhibits feature pieces about nature, flora and fauna, mountains, and animals. What are featured in this exhibit is using porcelain plates and scrolls, but they also have paintings on fans and lanterns as well. 


Behind the Brushstrokes also serves as Chan Lim's 80th Anniversary. You can also learn about their different painting classes by visiting their website and Facebook Page. To know more about the exhibit, hop on to SM City North EDSA's Facebook Page at

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