Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I have been living in Manila all my life. And in my thirty one years of existence, it has always been my first love. I seriously cannot imagine living anywhere else, because it has been improving and keeping up with the fast paced lifestyle. 

I've always believed that Manila's charm lies within its vast history. Go to Espana and you can see the 400-year old University where I graduated - The University of Santo Tomas, or visit Intramuros and see the old churches like San Agustin and Manila Cathedral. It's even easier to go to these places now, with so many modes of transportation around. Take the LRT, ride a jeepney. See the National Hero - Jose Rizal- at Luneta. You can never get bored.

Since most of the flights to other provinces are still connected to the capital, it is actually very easy to look for a place to stay when you need to. And also with the rapid growth of technology here in the Philippines, booking a hotel online in Manila will only take a while and in your own convenience.

I recently had a kalesa tour at Intramuros and the guide was very informative. He was gladly telling me about the places that we were passing by. It is actually nice to discover more about your hometown, and not just going there for the sake of it. You see, everytime I go to my yearly, Visita Iglesia, I would just go to the two churches inside Intramuros and would not care to see that San Agustin has a museum inside or the cobblestones have a deeper past. 

If you are in the mood to have a food trip, Manila offers a lot of culinary experience. Just in Divisoria, a wide stretch of "inihaw" goodies are waiting for you at the back of the Tutuban Center. I know, because I frequent there whenever I go to the midnight shops. Or if you are feeling more Asian, you can go to Binondo for a little Chinese food adventure

And since Christmas is just around the corner, the Manila experience could not be completed without shopping! I know some vloggers in YouTube says that it's easy to shop at Divisoria these days, and they are right. The place is not just clean, but the vendors are very organized now. Looking for affordable items is now easy peasy. Some shops even extend up to 1AM . 

Food, fun, history, family. No matter how many countries or cities I visit, nothing beats home. Manila is still the number one city for me. I cannot imagine living anywhere else, but this city of so many culture and with the friendliest people I know. So, are you also ready to discover about Manila?

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