Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Improper use of medicines has long been a global health issue . It occurs when patients do not have access to safe, effective, and affordable medication that meet their clinical  needs at the right time, and at the right dosage. According to a World Health Organization study, Promoting Rational Use of Medicines: Core Components, over 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed, or sold inappropriately while 50% of patients fail to take them correctly. As a response to this situation,  Generika Drugstore now provides  Gabay Generika services to help promote the proper use of medicine and to address health concerns of Filipinos ensuring that their health and well-being is well taken care of. 

Under Gabay Generika, patient health is protected through the PLUS services that Generika provides. Filipinos who cannot avail of paid check-up in hospitals and clinics can have free medical consultations in Generika Drugstore branches with scheduled physicians. Under their guidance, patients can better understand their health problems and be provided with the correct treatment plan – including a prescription if medication is deemed necessary.  

Patients purchasing medicine in any Generika Drugstore will be assisted by knowledgeable and  well-trained pharmacists. With their help, a patient has the opportunity to clarify anything about the medicines they are about to buy. This service of patient counselling in the context of proper medication intake is intended to support a physician’s treatment plan, helping ensure that the patient fully understands the medicine and prescription given to them. Through this advice, patients can also learn the importance of following the right dosage and medication schedule as indicated by their doctor. 

The core of Gabay Generika’s patient protection lies with the Gamot Guide, a new pharmacy service that is only being offered by Generika. It is the first ever in the industry and it serves as a tool for customers to help them understand how to take their medicines and ensure compliance of medication. The information written on the Gamot Guide consists of a  drug’s generic name, dosing schedule and instructions, storage requirements, possible side effects, and helpful do’s and don’ts about the specific drug. Each purchased medication will have its own printed Gamot Guide, whose specific contents can be adjusted by the pharmacist depending on the patient’s prescription. The guide will be explained  by the pharmacists so that patients will fully understand the best and safest ways to use their prescribed medicines.

Being a community drugstore that advocates for the protection and well-being of its customers, Generika will continue to provide innovative and meaningful value adding services for the overall health and well-being of Filipinos.

Generika Drugstore is in its 13th year of serving the Filipino People by providing access to safe, effective, and affordable generic drugs. This legacy of protecting patient health is continued through the new Gabay Generika PLUS services, affirming its commitment to bridge the healthcare gap in the country. Now thanks to free medical consultations, patient counselling, and the Gamot Guide, more and more Filipinos are educated on proper medicine intake and can safely purchase and use their medication whenever they need it the most. 

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