Thursday, October 27, 2016

Suzy and Sasha chilling at the hammock.  

Maybe in my youth or childhood,  I must have done something good :)

Few years ago,  I asked my friend,  Kara to give me a dog because her furbabies are so cute and adorable.  I am considering buying one this year,  but last August,  she asked me if I was willing to adopt her dog, Wimpy. And finally I was a mom to a cute and cuddly shih tzu,  and we renamed her Sasha.  

Sasha with her toys
Sasha is a cute little one year old who is very mahinhin.  She's now so spoiled with my Mom and Dad and they treat her like their baby.  Much so when they let her sleep inside their room.  My Dad would even buy her fried chicken when she does not want to eat her dog food. I, too,  was so hands on because she's a baby.  

After my birthday,  Kara asked me if I still want another dog so Sasha can have a playmate.  Since I'm still single and don't have kids,  I agreed immediately because I have always wanted to take care of dogs. You see, we lost four Japanese Spitz dogs when I was in high school and I was broken hearted.  I never thought I could have another pet after that. She gave me another baby shih tzu and named her Suzy (Yup,  just like Suzy Bae). 

Suzy and her pacute face
This year has been great and even though 2016 isn't over yet,  I am very grateful of my 2016 blessing. I'm also thankful to Kara because she trusted me with her furbabies.  Now I can't wait for them to grow up some more and have great adventures with them. I think I'm also changing at the same time because I can't wait to go home everyday just so to see these two wag their tails when I reach the house gate.  

Taking care of these furries aren't easy too. I now have more patience whenever I bathe them,  or they decide to waste their food.  But nonetheless,  I still love my babies and I wouldn't exchange them for the world.  

How about you? Share your furry tales with me so we can talk more about pets :)


Your babies are so cute. I also have 2 boys, Navy and Hunter, who are so spoiled... They even sleep beside me in my bed :)


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