Sunday, September 04, 2016

There's forever in every adventure!
Breakups are tough. 

One day, you have someone to have and hold, then the next minute, you're left with just you. With no one to text you a good morning message, no one asking if you had a rough day, and no one to make you believe in love. 

Meeting our childhood love
Few months before I turned thirty, I asked my friend, Krystle, if she would join me to go to Malaysia to celebrate my birthday. It was a tough day to be single, and especially to travel alone. I felt as if the universe conspired to make me sad, and I needed someone to discover the whole new me - unattached and looking for ways to be happy again.

Thought I couldn't walk up but achievement unlocked!
Petronas Towers has a special meaning for me - friendship!
Without thinking twice, she booked a similar flight to Kuala Lumpur so she could celebrate with me on my birthday. We reminisced our inner girly girls at Johor Baru and went to see Hello Kitty at the Sanrio Land. The next day, we channeled our cultural hats and went to see Batu Caves, visit the sights and sounds of Malaysia, shopped at the Central Market, and posed with the iconic Petronas Towers, symbolizing as if they were two people holding hands and helping each other stand up. From then on, Krystle and I were inseparable more than ever. We are planning to have more adventures like our Malaysian trip like going to Japan and Singapore. 

Seoul Searching at Korea
Traveling is my one true love!
The same year, my friend Hannah and I went #SeoulSearching at Korea. It was my second out of the country and had a rough time with the Korean language. But that did not stop me from discovering their beautiful country, the incredible culture, and the amazing people that we met along the way. 

Taking the time to smell the (LED) roses
We went from stores to stores in Myeongdong, visited the Gyeongbukgong Palace to revisit their history, and to Hanok Village to see the beautiful houses. I also did not miss the chance to see the N Seoul Tower, which has the most romantic spots, and went out of the city and to Pyeongchang County so I could experience snow! 

I may have lost a loved one, but I was given a more permanent love in my life. I found love in traveling with friends and it paved way for me to see the beauty of the world. It definitely changed my perspective because friendship is forever and memories of travel are more important than money or success.

What I thought I could only see in telenovelas, I finally saw in real life!
Soon, I'm off to an exciting adventure again and because I love taking gazillion of photos when I travel, the Huawei P9 is one of the best travel partner because its camera is co-engineered with Leica.

See the beauty of this phone and its dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos, among others. 

Now turning another year older, I am excited on what the future holds for me. Discovering a new place is definitely an eye-opener and it makes you feel like you found love once again. It makes you connect with your friends in a different level, and it makes you know yourself more than ever. 

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